Network for Men

Recently the Network for Men website was launched, a new platform for like-minded men to meet up with each other.

Whilst not affiliated with The Screen I do greatly recommend signing up, I have signed up and I recommend that those who read this site -or any other similar site- to also sign up.

More information from the FAQ:

What is Network for Men?
The Network is a piece of communication infrastructure within the men’s movement.  It exists for the sole propose of introducing you to other like minded men so you can meet with them.

Why was the Network founded?
Some men awaken to the fact that, from a young age,  they have been subjected to disparaging and untrue messages about men.  They realise there is nothing intrinsically wrong with being a man – in fact there is a lot to be celebrated.  These men develop compassionate concern for themselves, other men and future generations of boys.  They have come to see how  gender politics adversely and unhealthily effects society.  If you are one of these men, the Network was founded for you.  It gives you the option of meeting other like minded men for friendship, learning and, if you choose, activism.

Who founded ‘Network for Men’?
‘Network for Men’ was founded in 2016 by a group of activists.  It is an initiative by men who are committed to issues within the men’s human rights movement.  These men have awakened to aspects of our culture that bring about suffering, particularly for men, families and children. They have concluded that mainstream media messages are usually founded on falsified statistics, confused thinking and a lack of concern for men and boys.  They have taken the ‘Red Pill’.

What happens within the Network?
This question is like asking what happens within a telephone network.  Nobody knows everything that happens within a telephone network and nobody knows everything that happens within this Network.  The Network’s purpose is simply to introduce you to a local group of men who have similar outlooks and concerns.  Groups are independent and self-organising.  Any connections between groups happens through friendship and trust and not through the Network.  There is no centralised membership list and there is no leadership group.  The Network is simply a way of making a first connection with other men who share your outlook and concerns.


As I said above I highly recommend signing up however it is only currently available to persons within the UK as the purpose is to facilitate face-to-face meetings. I’m sure that in time it will grow to more countries around the globe.

Network for Men.