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Well, Team, do we have a story for you! As our readers will know, we here at The Screen have a Facebook Page which we use for sharing news stories, blog posts, memes, etc. Often, we will tag pages if we source material from them, such as Vice, The Guardian, BBC, Women’s Rights News, et al. Recently, we shared a few words and tagged a feminist page, A woman on the Internet (AWOTI), citing the page as an example, as can be seen below:

In every case save this one incident, the page we tag never responds. Why should they for we have few likes on our page? This, however, did not stop AWOTI who, despite having the literal square amount of likes as our page, decided to not only respond to our allegations (by first denying then lying) but, also dogpiled her fans onto our page. Very quickly, we received hateful comments, false reviews and death threats from AWOTI’s followers, which is fitting because it proves the original post and is hilariously ironic because on AWOTI’s page, in the ‘About’ section, she states she created her page after receiving abuse online. They really have no sense of self-awareness, do they!? Of the 197 comments we received, only one was that of a Feminist saying she was open to discussing ideas – thus, 0.51% of the sample has the intellectual capacity to defend their ideas. As we are not intellectual cowards, all the comments etc we have received will remain on the page for all to see.

Our most favourite exchange has to be the one shown below, it truly betrays the intellectual rigour and educational attainment of the Feminist Camp.


Last year, a mother was arrested for leaving her two children alone for two days whilst she was off partying and doing drugs, it would have been longer but the police were alerted after the children were seen calling out of a window. Following her arrest, she then abandoned the children AGAIN to go out partying and do more drugs, causing her to be arrested again. Now, the woman (who will not be named) was given a suspended sentence because, according to the Judge, the kids need her.

WHAT!?!?!? Why was she allowed back after the arrest!? Why were the children not sent to the father? How can the court justify using the defendant’s status as ‘mother’ to allow her to keep the children when she was in court because she shirked her parental responsibilities – and she shirked them, most reprehensively, twice!!


Following the Gillette advert which, according to Marketing Week, caused the P&G-owned brand to see consumer perceptions in the UK plummet, Smirnoff has released their own advert calling for music to equalise the gender of the outputting artists – that is, either artificially inflate the number of women creating music or, manually reduce the number of men producing music. Nonetheless, the responses to this new marketing ploy have been less-than-positive. Further, Smirnoff’s use of Annie Mac to front the campaign is ironic as she is a DJ who has herself never produced any music.


The Tavistock Gender Identity Development Clinic in north London, which is part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, have warned young patients could be exposed to “long-term damage” due to lobby groups and pushy parents. The clinic is also providing “woefully inadequate” care, with some staff citing “very serious ethical concerns” about their workplace, a recent report said. Further, the report said some children “take up a trans identity as a solution” to “multiple problems such as historic child abuse in the family, bereavement, homophobia, and a very significant incidence of autism spectrum disorder”. It also claimed the children may have been “coached” by campaign groups and said the histories of “highly disturbed or complex” patients were not thoroughly investigated.

Wait, so pumping children full of gonadotropic hormones, testing experimental therapies on them (which have little-to-no long-term aftercare or research and no research into those who change their mind post-transition) and convincing them their physical form is incorrect might somehow be harmful to children!?!?!? Who would’ve guessed!?


According to reports on the Internet, the son of the CEO of #TimesUp has been accused of sexual assault, leading to her resignation. Lisa Borders, 61, resigned from her position after four-months on the job, following allegations which were brought to light just four days beforehand. Whilst the allegations against her son appear to be false, one has to note the irony in such allegations. The alleged incident occurred over a year ago and contemporaneous messages show a friendly relationship between the accuser and the accused. Only time, which is not up on the accused, will tell.


Ipswich Town FC recently reached out to Alex Skeel, the young man who was repeatedly & viciously abused by his ex-girlfriend, Jordan Worth, for him to lead out the teams at Portman Road on May 5th as Community Champion when Ipswich Town play Skeel’s team, Leeds United. Recently, the BBC aired the show Abused By My Girlfriend, which detailed the horrific acts he suffered at her hands. She became the first woman in the UK to be convicted of coercive and controlling behaviour after being sentenced to more than 7-years for 17 counts including Grievous Bodily Harm.


Recently, the Pope remarked the Church does not want “ecclesiastical feminism” because every form of feminism ends up being “machismo in a skirt”. He said (according to Google Translate):

Listening to Dr. Ghisoni I heard the Church talk about herself. That is, we all talked about the Church. In all the interventions. But this time it was the Church itself that spoke. It is not just a question of style: the feminine genius that is reflected in the Church that is a woman.

To invite a woman to speak is not to enter the mode of an ecclesiastical feminism, because in the end every feminism ends up being a machismo with a skirt. No. Inviting a woman to speak about the wounds of the Church is to invite the Church to speak about herself, about the wounds she has. And this I think is the step that we must do very strongly: the woman is the image of the Church that is a woman, she is a bride, she is a mother. A style. Without this style we would speak of the people of God but as an organization, perhaps a trade union, but not as a family born of the Mother Church.

The logic of the thought of Dr. Ghisoni was just that of a mother, and ended with the story of what happens when a woman gives birth to a child. It is the female mystery of the Church that is bride and mother. It is not about giving more functions to the woman in the Church – Yes, this is good, but this does not solve the problem – it is about integrating woman as a figure of the Church in our thinking. And think also of the Church with the categories of a woman. Thank you for your testimony.

The Pope has a history of making remarks which have upset feminists, chances are, these will too.



According to a paper we recently read, 18% of the women in a survey of 10,000 private households in Egypt (which amounted to 9,159 women) opted for the discontinuation of Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting. Previous studies have demonstrated that almost all Egyptian women (97%) have been subjected to FGM/C.

They found a higher proportion of currently married women opted for discontinuation than formally married peers. Urban residents, educated women and literate women more often favoured the discontinuation of FGM/C than rural residents, uneducated/low-educated and illiterate peers, respectively. Finally, a higher proportion of currently employed women chose discontinuation of FGM/C than their unemployed peers. However, after adjusting for all other independent variables, only residential area and education were significantly associated with discontinuation of FGM/C.

Further, they found women with culturally-based beliefs about FGM/C (e.g. that FGM/C prevents adultery, is an important part of religion, is preferred by the husbands, etc) were more likely to justify FGM/C. They believed FGM/C has a positive function for the institutions of marriage, family, and religion. Many Intactivists will recognize these as being very similar to the reasons given by American men when they justify their Male Genital Mutilation/Cutting. This shows how, cross-culturally, Genital Cutting/Mutilation has the same reasons deployed for its justification, irrespective of the sex of the victim.


Another old study we recently read showed men and women have different adrenocortical responses to different stress stimuli. The participants were exposed to either achievement or rejection stress conditions to test the hypothesis women would show greater responses to social rejection stressors, whereas men would demonstrate greater responses to achievement stressors. The achievement condition involved a mathematical and a verbal challenge; the rejection condition involved two social interaction challenges. Self-reported effect and salivary cortisol were measured throughout each stress session (baseline, stress, and post-stress periods). Unsurprisingly, men showed significantly greater cortisol responses to achievement challenges and women showed greater cortisol responses to social rejection challenges. Women’s greater reactivity to rejection stress may contribute to increased affective disorders.


An interesting article in Nature showed nearly half of US female scientists leave full-time science after their first child. Do not let this fool you, only 25% of the people studied became parents in the time-period analysed and only 14.8% of women left working entirely in the 7-years after their first child. Further, 24% of childfree women and 16% of childfree men left full-time science in the same time period.



So, if they ever have kids and, if the mother of their children runs to the secret family courts falsely claiming they abused her & the Judge rules she is to have full custody, then would they be okay with that? They could just sit back and abandon all fatherly duties? Would they care? [They are good friends with Refuge so, we think that answers our questions.]


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