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Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) have launched a new campaign called Peggy’s Law which calls for a presumption of 50-50 shared parenting in custody hearings in the family courts. It was launched on 14th February when a candle-lit vigil was hosted at Buckingham Palace by fathers and paternal grandparents. Supporters are asked to wear a purple ribbon to display their support for the law, which aims to combat the 200 children a day who lose access to their fathers in the secret (misandrist) family courts.


Brendan McCarthy, a 50-year-old tattooist and body modifier from Wolverhampton, known as ‘Dr Evil’, has lost his bid to appeal his case after he removed an ear for a client, a nipple for another client and split the tongue for a third client. He was charged with three counts of causing Grievous Bodily Harm and will be sentenced in March. However, what makes this case worthy of a prestigious spot on The Weekly Buzz is that all his victims (that term is used ironically) actually consented to the practices.

Nick Pinch, one of the victims of the Dr Evil, went to McCarthy to have his nipple removed after previous piercings caused a build-up of scar tissue. He said: “[McCarthy] wanted to know why I wanted this procedure, he wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing, he took complete duty of care. I’m really happy with what I’ve had done.” Further, Pinch (and all of Dr Evil’s other clients) had to sign a document providing consent for the modification. Thus, all his victims provided affirmative, written consent. However, in 2017, Judge Amjad Nawaz ruled the registered tattooist could not use his clients’ written permission as a defence. Furthermore, none of the alleged victims in the case brought forward the complaint, an unknown third-party did.

The argument for his prosecution was ‘a surgery requires a surgical license’ – otherwise, it is unlawful. Rhiannon Jones, a senior Crown prosecutor at the CPS, said: “This case confirms the existing law that surgical procedures must be carried out by properly trained, qualified and regulated surgeons or health care professionals… McCarthy was none of these and as a result his surgical procedures, albeit carried out at the request of his clients, were unlawful. The Court of Appeal judgement is clear and unequivocal and we would urge all those thinking of carrying out a body modification to please read it.” However, this seems not to apply to Genital Mutilation.

Those who are familiar with The Screen will recall a temporarily-dormant series titled Women Who Should Be In Prison which featured the case of Grace Adeleye. She murdered young Goodluck Caubergs when he was four-weeks-old by mutilating his genitals in a barbaric act of circumcision using nothing more than ordinary kitchen scissors, forceps and olive oil. He slowly and excruciatingly bled to death over 24-hours and she was spared gaol – she was found guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence. Young Mr Caubergs never provided consent yet, it was never deemed an issue in this heinous act of mutilation. Had he lived, she would have faced no charges yet, because he died, she was only sentenced because she didn’t mutilate him properly. The hypocrisy knows no bounds.


In other news, Katie Ghose, the former head of Women’s Aid, has been horsed out after footage of her speaking favourably of UKIP had re-surfaced. The footage is of her speech at the 2015 UKIP Party Conference when she was the Chief Executive of the Electoral Reform Society and praised many small parties who are disadvantaged by the British first-pass-the-post voting system. However, this is not a defence in the eyes of Women’s Aid. Inevitably, they always eat their own. We here at The Screen feel no sympathy for her.

We would, however, like to note we here at The Screen discussed this incriminating video way back in August 2017 when Ms Ghose was a mere two weeks into her position at Women’s Aid. Just saying. Here it is below, for viewing pleasure:


Upcoming Events:

We here at The Screen would like to repost this event, from last week’s buzz: Dr John Barry, co-founder of the Male Psychology Network and Male Psychology section of the British Psychological Society, will feature on a panel discussing the topic ‘How do we stop young men dying?’ at the University of Bristol on Friday 22nd February 2019. Tickets are free but, you need one to attend.


The 10th Anniversary Autism Professionals Conference will be taking place on the 7th & 8th March at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham. Tickets are £455 + VAT for two-days, £295 + VAT for one-day, £60 for the Autism Professional Awards Dinner and £195 + VAT for the two-days for Autistic Individuals / Parents / Families / Carers who attend.



We oft hear of the plight of premature ejaculation, a spectre many a-man has been haunted by. Yet, premature orgasms can happen to women, also – not that this should come as a surprise, what with women being human just like the rest of us. A recent article in Broadly (yes, a Vice vertical) spoke with a few women who suffer from the condition, with many elucidating on the pain caused by over-stimulation of the clitoris. Further, they report between 3 to 10 per cent of women suffer from some form of premature orgasm. I guess the old urban myth of men not being able to make women orgasm is not entirely true!


A new paper in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has found long-term couples who engage in self-expanding activities rekindle their sexual desire. Self-expansion refers to our basic drive to learn & develop and to see ourselves & the world in new ways. By engaging in these activities together, they helped to strengthen and embolden their relationships. In short, couples who grow together, love together.



Whenever I see nonsense like what is in the picture below, all I can think about are sneaker cuttlefish. In the cuttlefish world, the strong males compete and battle for rights to mate with the females – the females do not ever settle for anything less than the strongest male. Classic Males-Compete-Females-Choose paradigm. However, there are obviously the males who are not big and strong, they lose the fights and are pushed away by the bigger, stronger males. Should they be seen, they are forcibly evicted by the stronger males. Some smaller males developed an interesting strategy, however. By physically posing as females, they were able to infiltrate the groups of stronger males and the interested females, unnoticed by said stronger males and accepted by their ‘fellow’ females. Whilst under the guise of being female, the sneaker cuttlefish surreptitiously slips the female a sperm sac thus, impregnating her without the other males noticing. This is the strategy of the male feminist simp. He is a poser and a liar, looking to intercept & cheat where he cannot compete honestly. Is it truly a surprise so many of them turn out to be such creepy weirdos?

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