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Supermarket giant Asda has lost an appeal in a long-running legal dispute over equal pay. The case was brought forward by lower-paid shop staff, who are mostly women, which states they should be paid as much as the higher paid warehouse workers, who are mostly men. Following this ruling, Asda seems intent on applying to the Supreme Court to appeal against the ruling. We here at The Screen agree with Asda’s case: till work is considerably easier than the strenuous, laborious and physically-riskier warehouse work. If the women in the case disagree, they can simply transfer from sitting on their fat asses all day to working 40+ hours a week lifting heavy crates in the freezers. We’d like to see little old Doris lift 25kg to put on a six-foot shelf. Should the case in the Supreme Court decide against Asda, we hope they introduce more self-service tills and require the till staff to transfer to warehouse work – if they wish to retain their jobs at Asda. That should sort them out.


The police are continuing their anti-Thought-Crime crusade (whilst ignoring actual crime) with boasts and taunts flaunting their tyranny over freedom of expression. Gloucestershire Constabulary are clamping down on men’s pride of their sexual success as this will literally lead them to drugging, attacking and raping women. We here at The Screen wish we were joking. This led to some serious criticisms for which the activist(s) who promoted this failed to properly defend their points (I refer to Gloucestershire Constabulary as activists because that is what they are – heck, they’re ideologues).

Humberside Police were also at the party, reiterating their hard-line position against hate-crime and transphobic speech. This was responded to by a woman who had lost her brother to suicide and Humberside Police refused to respond because they did not have the resources. Here’s a recommendation from your friends here at The Screen: if you ever need to report an offence to the police and they are refusing to do their jobs properly, allege the assailant called you a tranny as s/he ran off. That will inspire the police to act.


Two men who were wrongly jailed for 24-years are not entitled to compensation. Sam Hallam spent 7-years inside for the murder of a trainee chef whilst Victor Nealon served 17-years for attempted rape. Nealon’s sentence was constantly increased due to him protesting his innocence. The so-called rape culture we keep hearing about fails to consider cases such as this because the definition of rape culture is false. The definition of ‘rape culture’ should be “a culture in which men are considered to inherently be rapists and any person who dares deny, deviate from or even question this truth must be considered guilty as such behaviour can only be due to a previous, undisclosed infraction to which the only punishment is the complete and utter annihilation of the accused (without evidence or due process, obviously)”. This is the world in which we live.


Fiona Onasanya, the disgraced ex-Labour Member of Parliament who lied about a speeding ticket, has had her sentence appealed via the Unduly Lenient Sentencing Scheme. She received a 3-month sentence but, her brother, received a 10-month sentence for the same offence. Again, the sexism in the Criminal Justice System prevails.


A Ugandan mother becomes the first person in the UK to be found guilty of Female Genital Mutilation and has been warned of a “lengthy” prison sentence (how very patriarchal of the mother to do such a thing). All the while, Grace Adeleye, who murdered Goodluck Caubergs when she performed Male Genital Mutilation on him with nothing more than ordinary kitchen scissors & olive oil causing him to bleed to death, still walks the streets. The double standards are shocking.


A High Court Judge has reached out via Twitter asking for a mother to return home with her child after running off with him following Family Court Proceedings in July; the presiding Judge raised an alarm back in December when he became gravely concerned for the child’s welfare. In other words, she (Ellie Yarrow-Sanders) abducted the child and had him so long the Judge (Mr Justice Williams) thought the child’s life is in danger yet the High Court is asking her nicely to come back. The High Court has also offered “reassurances as to how she will be treated and given a voice in court” because, as per the norm, a woman can do no wrong in the eyes of the court. Hundreds of thousands of fathers up-and-down the UK have been denied access to their children over silly little things but, this woman can literally abduct her child for over half a year and the court can fear for the child’s life yet won’t do a damn thing. Disgusting!

Further, the comments responding to the tweet are utterly shameful, with #keeprunningellie and #dontlookback featuring multiple times. Should a father commit child abduction, he is hounded and hunted but, when a woman does it, she is protected and pampered. This is what happened with the child abductors Samantha Baldwin and Rebecca Minnock. This is the Pussy Pass in action.



Anything you can do, I can do better – or, can I? Does gender stereotype threat prevent women & girls from performing better at maths tests than boys because “boys are better are maths than girls”? No. The linked Dutch study shows gender stereotype threat has no overall effect nor any moderated stereotype threat effects on girls’ math performance. Although individual differences in domain identification, math anxiety and gender identification were expected by theory to affect susceptibility to stereotype threat, the authors failed to find evidence that these variables moderated stereotype threat effects in the current data.


Women score higher on the Five Factor Model (FFM) traits of Neuroticism and Agreeableness. The former reflects distress proneness and propensities toward the experience of a variety of negative effects, while the latter reflects amicability, altruism, trust, tendermindedness, and compliance. Gender differences on these traits are of medium magnitude. The linked study assessed the extent to which these gender differences held in a sample of 486 older adults and found higher levels of Neuroticism (d = .52) and Agreeableness (d = .35) in older women than older men. The study shows how sex differences in personality maintain over a person’s lifespan.



We here at The Screen love The Onion. The satire is always on-point and never fails to deliver. With that said, please, enjoy this: Girlfriend changes man into someone she’s not interested in. The final paragraph elucidates the phenomenon perfectly.


For the final item, here is the sad story of a woman who couldn’t handle an interview so whinged about it on Twitter. We would like to say this story is satire as well but, we would be lying. As soon as you see her picture, you would not be surprised she reacted as she did. If, however, you wish not to burden yourself with the morose tale of woe and ineptitude, please, enjoy our summary of events written from her perspective, found below:

  • be a perfect womyn
  • go to an interview
  • interviewer knows what he is doing
  • actually questions me
  • what? no! hire me without asking the questions! i am a womyn! here is my pussypass! accept it!
  • he has the nerve to genuinely hold me to account
  • how dare he!? i am a strong womyn who don’t need no man!
  • i cry because of a man
  • i failed the sisterhood
  • send a bitchy email afterwards falsely accusing the guy of being like my abusive ex-partner because it isn’t emotional manipulation/bullying when a courageous womyn like me does it
  • say he only picked on ME because i am a brave and stunning womyn
  • accuse him of having done it to loads of other people as well
  • fuck having consistency in my arguments, i am a strong womyn fighting the patriarchy
  • put it all on Twitter because it worked well for Charlotte Proudman, i think.
  • (note to self: find out what charlotte proudman does now)
  • include his name because i want him doxed and have his life ruined forever, the patriarchal scum
  • include my name, telephone number and loads of other personal information so i can later claim people have been calling me and harassing me
  • get new glasses and fix my hair because i look like a mug
  • profit???

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