The Weekly Buzz – 20 Jan 2019

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[Yes, it is a late upload. Sue me.]

A 10-year-old ‘Child Drag Queen’ who goes by the name of Queen Lactatia uploaded a picture to Instagram (which has now been deleted) of him with a naked fully grown man. The man was the winner of hit TV show Rupaul’s Drag Race, Violet Chachki. The pictures were shot by photographer Jonathon Frederick Turton for the magazine Huck Magazine. I posted about this on Facebook, complaining about the obvious and disgusting sexual abuse of this child. Facebook put me on a 3-day-post block as punishment of my intolerance.

This continues a worrying trend of young “drag boys” being sexually exploited by the Left. Desmond is Amazing, a 10-year-old “drag kid” featured in an Instagram video talking about ketamine then snorting some imaginary ketamine off his wrist (without prompting); the whole video is frightening. That’s the same Desmond is Amazing who danced on stage in a sexual manner at gay bar 3 Dollar Bill in Brooklyn, New York, whilst men threw money at him, like a stripper. He performed a similar routine at the nightclub OASIS San Francisco. He also featured on a podcast with Michael Alig who, in 1997, was convicted of manslaughter and served 17 years inside; he brutally murdered then dismembered his victim. On the poster in the back is the word ‘rohypnol’, which is a drug used to incapacitate a person so they can be raped.


A recent episode of Judge Rinder featured the case of 51-year-old solicitor David Edwards, who was subjected to abusive and controlling behaviour by his wife Sharon, before she murdered him. Male issues are, slowly, becoming accepted into everyday discussion.


Gillette released an incredibly stupid advert, which I discuss below. Egard Watches responded with an excellent advert, we here at The Screen recommend you watch it.



Sex differences in human neonatal social perception. At 1 day old, male infants look longer at mechanical mobiles, while female infants look longer at faces. Sex-differentiated preferences emerge before any socialization has occurred.

The mobile was made out of components of the face as they needed to hold other features of the stimulus constant. Otherwise, differences might be attributable to colour, brightness, etc.


How much does one’s salary affect how attractive they are? “[This study] found that ratings of attractiveness were around 1000 times more sensitive to salary for females rating males, compared to males rating females. These results indicate that higher economic status can offset lower physical attractiveness in men much more easily than in women.” In short: lads, if you aren’t good looking, get good earning. The ladies love it.



Watch my recent video complaining about the #Gillette advertisement. It’ll take you near 40-minutes but, it is somewhat worth it!

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