The Weekly Buzz – 30th December 2018

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First and foremost, Mark Brooks of the Mankind Initiative is to be recognised in the upcoming 2019 New Year Honours by becoming an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his services to male victims of domestic abuse. We here at The Screen congratulate Mr Brooks OBE for his award and we thank him for his tireless work for men and male victims of domestic abuse. The Mankind Initiative website is here and viewers can donate here. We request our readers to consider maintaining a subscription to the Mankind Initiative as they survive wholly off private donations.


In line with the previous story, the dreaded, cloven-hoofed, Daemonette of Slaanesh known as Alison Saunders (more colloquially known as the former head of the Central Prosecution Service) will not receive a top honour in the upcoming 2019 New Year Honours. Having previously left her post guarding the door to Hades, Ms Saunders served as the Director of Public Prosecutions, a tenure riddled with days in which birds did not sing, children cried, lovers wept and innocent men were imprisoned based solely upon false allegations of a sexual nature. Ms Saunders will become the first to not receive a top honour, however, she is impeded by the fact her predecessors were all human, a quality she is clearly lacking.


Former Commons’ deputy speaker Nigel Evans has said he would now vote against the legal aid cuts brought in by the then-Conservative-led coalition through the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO). The Conservative MP for the Ribble Valley in Lancashire spent around £130,000 in 2014 combatting false sexual allegations involving the alleged sexual assault of a university student and six other men over a ten-year period. LASPO has destroyed the prospect of custody for so many men here in the UK and needs to be revoked with immediate effect.



A recent study found men’s giving to women’s and girls’ causes is strongly tied to how they think men and women give whereas women’s giving to women’s and girls’ causes is strongly tied only to how they think other women give. So men want to be better than everyone but, women only want to be better than other women. Therefore, men are competitive in general but women are intrasexually competitive.



A transgender non-binary genderqueer father who has undergone a double mastectomy recently celebrated their promotion to parenthood (by giving birth) following IVF and anticipates with great zeal the prospect of chestfeeding their child. Scout Barbour-Evans, 23, publicly announced their daughter’s birth on Twitter, writing “Look what Santa brought me this year! She arrived last Wednesday”. Barbour-Evans was also the first trans person to run for the mayoralty in Dunediny, New Zealand.

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  1. The message I take from the graphs is that both men and women are more influenced by men than by women – which is, of course, extremely sensible of them – but runs rather contrary to the view that women are the moral arbiters.

    PS: Am liking these Weekly Buzz things.

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