Rough Transcript of Luisa Omielan’s Accusation

This is a rough transcript of Luisa Omielan’s accusation(s) she levied against Philip Davies MP on her Facebook on Monday, 5th March at 10:36. In case if she decides to remove the video from her facebook anytime in the future, I have uploaded a mirror of it below.

  • LO is shaking
  • Says she has just had the worst interview, ever.
  • Says she’s outside the houses of Parliament, just met with a guy called Philip Davis [she calls him Davis, rather than Davies, I have corrected her for the rest of this transcript], who is a Conservative MP
  • PD says he is willing to meet LO, so they met
  • PD arrives 10-15 minutes late
  • LO says she doesn’t know anything about politics, she is naïve to politics
  • PD asks LO what she wants to know
  • LO realizes he is from Yorkshire, he’s a Northerner
  • LO asks PD why he is with the Conservative party because they seem quite distant and cold and Yorkshire is famous for being quite, y’know, friendly and all-inclusive and whatever
  • PD kinda gets his back up about that which LO doesn’t understand
  • PD asks what LO’s problem is with things
  • LO says the country is quite divided at the moment, homelessness has gone up, there’s been NHS cuts, she doesn’t understand why that’s happening and there seems to be a divide with Brexit and things, right?
  • PD says (LO says she is shaking, then says the mic had “stopped working”) “I’m not doing this interview, I’m not doing this interview, you’re just a leftist Corbynist agenda with your hidden agenda”
  • LO says “what are you talking about? No I’m not!”
  • PD says “yes you have, you’ve got a bloody leftist Corbynist agenda, I’m not doing this interview, you don’t know what you’re talking about cuts”
  • LO says she what are you talking about, I do know about cuts, like, I do know, I’ve seen there’s been cuts, the NHS has been cut
  • PD “where’s your facts, where’s your facts, you don’t, turn off the camera, turn off the camera”
  • LO says hang on, why are you being all defensive, I’ve come here to talk to you to find out information
  • PD: what facts? You should come here with facts, you said you don’t know anything about politics, you do know enough about politics don’t you for you to come in
  • LO: hang on! I’ve come in, I don’t know anything about politics, all I’m saying is about the state of the country as I see it
  • PD says LO is a leftist, Corbynist agenda for the BBC, I’m gonna call Lord Hall or whoever and if this is what the BBC is doing then they are
  • LO: you’re a, you’re an MP, why are you behaving like this, look, you can’t even talk to me
  • PD: what do you know about cuts?
  • This made LO upset and she started getting tears in her eyes and she said “my mum died at the hands of the NHS because I saw how she was treated”
  • PD was on his computer and said he wanted to find the numbers for her, he was sorry to hear about that [her mother’s death], it’s awful, he reiterates he wants to find the numbers for her
  • LO: Oh no! You don’t get to do that! You don’t get to apologize for my mother’s death whilst you’re looking at the computer for numbers to prove yourself right, you either talk to me as a human, human-to-human, as someone who’s lost her mother, she’s died, irrelative of politics, you show some respect for that
  • PD says you’re rude, you’ve come in here, rude, with your agenda for the BBC
  • LO: I said I’ve got no agenda for the BBC, I want to ask why [gibberish, video cuts out then re-starts] and you won’t answer m – and he said:
  • PD: Give me the camera, give me the camera thingy
  • And I said no. I said I’m not giving you the camera
  • He said give me the camera, film camera
  • So, I stole the camera out my director’s hands and I ran out the building with it, I just went out the building with it. I accidentally hit the girl on the way out which I’m really sorry for. I hit her with the camera. I just knocked her on the side and I ran out and then he held the door in front of me, he wouldn’t let me thro-open the door. Like he wouldn’t let me open the door so he closed the door on me so I couldn’t get out. And I was like “get the fucking out the way you dickhead”
  • And I shouldn’t have called him a dickhead but he blocked me in, like, he blocked me in his office, and then he was like “are you from the BBC, are you from the BBC? This is for the BBC?”
  • I said “this is for Luisa Omielan, fuck off” and I ran out the fire exit.
  • So, this is Philip Davies, an MP, who’s just called me names, made me feel this big.
  • [A passer-by involves herself]: Are you okay?
  • LO: Yeah, I’ve just been uh, I’ve just been um, thank you, I’m just doing a live video about I just went to go see Philip Davies an MP and he was just incredibly rude [random cut-out thing] never experienced that before
  • PB: No.
  • LO: You don’t work in there do you?
  • PB: No, I work a few doors down.
  • LO: Oh, do you? Yeah, he was just, um, I went to interview him for the BBC and I don’t know anything about politics and he…
  • PB: [mumbling something]
  • LO: And he just started calling me a leftist, Corbynist
  • PB: Oh my god
  • LO: Uhhh, with agenda and uh, and he tried to take the camera and I stole it off him and then he slammed the door on me and not let me out the office and I pushed pass him and I just ran out the fire exit with the camera.
  • [Random cut thing again]
  • LO: Jesus Christ they’re horrible, aren’t they!?
  • PB: (Hums in agreement) People are horrible
  • Thank you
  • [They hug]
  • LO: I’ll be fine, I’ll be alright, I just, um, that just shook me but
  • PB: Oh, don’t let it, don’t let it. Yeah?
  • LO: Yeah. Thank you so much.
  • [Another cut and change of camera angle. Luisa appears to be on her own now]
  • That was just horrible. That was just absolutely horrible. That escalated, he didn’t even want … I can understand, right, if he thought that we had an agenda but I told him I didn’t know nothing and I explained to him what was going on. And he didn’t want to answer the questions and he didn’t wanna give an alternative view, he just wanted to call me names and dismiss me. What a horrible person. And that’s who’s in our government, mate? I’ve got to go.



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