Flashback: Do We Live in a Sexist Society?

In my younger days, long before I became fully initiated or even informed to any noticeable degree, I featured on BBC 3’s Free Speech which can be described as the young person’s version of Question Time.

A few friends and I were headhunted to be the controlled opposition – the villains if one could go so far as to say. We were to be the ‘other side’ so everyone could point their fingers at us and say “see, they’re the bad guys, they’re the people we’ve been telling you about, warning you about!”

We had our own table, we were catered for specifically. There was a bench at the front reserved specifically for us; no-one else had a reserved space. We were brought in specifically to serve a purpose.

Nonetheless, it was a fun day. Sure, my arguments were not the strongest but, I was young and having fun. We all had to start somewhere, eh!? Thing is, I still struggle, even to this day, to watch it back. The whole episode is pure cringe.

I’ve decided to re-share this because I was thinking about it earlier and realised I hadn’t put it up on my site. I should have done it sooner. Oh well.


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