Silly Woman Inadvertently Proves Why ‘Pay Gap’ Exists

O, bless the young, for they are naïve to the world.

Forgive my flippancy but, what with my ever-increasing age, I cannot help but become disillusioned with the people I once called ‘my peers’, for I am lost to the cosmic winds when it comes to fathoming their motives and drives. Maybe I am slowly becoming cranky in my old age, maybe I have always been like this and it is in fact young people themselves who are changing. I do not know and, frankly, I am digressing.

Today’s ramblings from an old man are brought to you by Kate Waters, Chief Strategy Officer at NOW, a “creative thinking company”. In an article on Campaign, Ms Waters gives us her view why she’ll be out of office on Equal Pay Day, which falls on Friday 10 November. Now, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that #EqualPayDay has already passed and that it was marked on Tuesday 04 April 2017 because that is when women had to keep working until, from 2016, to earn the same amount men did in 2016.

So, why this extra day now?

Well, according to Ms Waters, it is “the day that marks the point in the year when women effectively stop being paid relative to men, thanks to the gender pay gap, which means that, on average, women are paid 18.4% less than men”. Sigh, here it is again, arguing that, for the same work, men are being paid more than women. And, as per the norm, no evidence is provided for it.

Ms Waters tells us how, when she ran an ad campaign for the (ironically named) Women’s Equality Party (WEP), they were met with criticism from the public. No, not because of the shock imagery that was used in the advertisement but, because “they [the public] thought our ‘assertion’ of a gender pay gap was simply a lie. ‘How can there be a gender pay gap’, they raged, ‘when it’s now illegal to pay women less than men for doing the same role?’” Ah, it’s so good to see the feminists being called-out on their nonsense.

But, Ms Waters shoots herself in the foot when she writes “What these dissenters are referring to of course is unequal pay – the practice of paying men and women differently for the same work. This is illegal, and has been since the Equal Pay Act of 1970.  While, sadly, it is still one of the causes of the gender pay gap, it’s by no means the only cause and is certainly not the biggest. [Emphasis mine]” Wait, are you honestly saying that unequal pay, that is, to pay a man more for the same work, is not the reason women earn less?

So, am I right to induce that men and women are largely being paid the same amount of money for the same work!? Can I go so far as to say that sex-based discrimination is not the root cause of the pay-gap!? Wow, colour me shocked. It would appear even the feminists are catching on. I never thought I would live to see the day!

So, pray do tell, what are the factors that cause the pay gap? Well, according to Ms Waters “In advertising, for example, IPA data suggests that the key issue is the lack of women in senior roles.” That sounds a lot like personal choice because sex-based discrimination is illegal (even though diversity quotas to hire women are in effect but, oh well).

She also goes on to say “While the numbers of women and men in the industry as a whole are more or less equal (50.2% female), only 30.5% of senior management roles, which obviously command the biggest salaries, are held by women (down from 33.1% in 2015, by the way). And more broadly, occupational segregation in the workplace – the fact that women often end up in lower paid jobs like clerical, catering or caring roles, whereas men are more likely to end up in more highly paid STEM careers – is one of the biggest factors driving the gender pay gap.

Now, these are strong words and non-evidenced statistics (the worst kind of statistics) but, I shall take her statistics at face value and question her charge of ‘occupational segregation’. Where is this segregation taking place!? Girls are doing better in school and have been since the nineties and there is no evidence of sex-based discrimination adversely affecting women in the interview room. In fact, evidence proves the opposite for STEM at a rate of two to one in favour of women. So, I am compelled to ask, where is Ms Waters getting her data from?

The conclusion Ms Waters feels compelled to arrive at is she must take a day off work on #EqualPayDay so as to protest the unfair treatment of women she has failed to prove exists. Right, okay, got it. Except, she’s not actually going ‘out-of-office’, as she calls it, she is going still going to work but is just telling people she isn’t. What a very good protest: just say you’re doing it but actually don’t. Is protesting like jogging: fifty percent mental? Think about going jogging twice and that counts as actually going for a run? I don’t know and I’m digressing again.

Actually, little does Ms Waters know, the so-called ‘Pay Gap’ is quite heavily influenced by the fact that women work considerably fewer hours than men do. But, as I do not wish to ruin her fun ‘play time’, I shall let her live her cute little fantasy just a few moments longer.

Instead, the real change she intends on bringing in is “choosing to work with more female-led organisations” which sounds just like sexism but with extra steps. It’s only a different way of saying “we will be refusing male clients”. Unfortunately for the gender ideologues, society is not yet ready for the palatable meal of outright misandrist discrimination so she has to play Orwellian word games so she can slip her misandry into our minds. However, I wouldn’t mind NOW engaging in such a practice, it would be funny to see them as a company trying to survive on barely 3.5% of the market they initially had.

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