Latest Data Shows Pay Gap is Complete Tosh

This is only going to be a short post where I fleetingly show how the latest data on the supposed gender Pay Gap actually proves it to be of very little bother – I apologise to people who have ‘Liked’ my FaceBook page as they would see this rebuttal twice now.

This here linked The Daily Mail briefly titled ‘Does YOUR profession have a gender pay gap? New graph shows the jobs women are paid LESS for as data reveals private sector staff are still on lower wages than public servants’ discusses recent data from the Office for National Statistics showing how bad the gender pay gap is.

I’m not gonna do a direct response to the article but, will address one key point in the findings.

Let’s compare Figure 22 of the source data cited in the DM article which is the ONS ‘Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings: 2017 provisional and 2016 revised results’, which gives us data for paid hours work.

For my data, I have used both overtime rate of 1x normal pay and 1.5x normal pay, so we have two final figures we can use.


We find:

  1. If men and women are receiving 1x base pay for overtime then, men are working 7.2% more paid hours than women.
  2. If men and women are receiving 1.5x base pay for overtime then, men are working 8.3% more paid hours than women.

Fawcett Society claims the pay (earnings) gap is 9.1% – I shall assume this is correct.

That means the discrepancy between paid hours worked and pay received is either 1.9 percentage points if overtime is paid as base pay or, the discrepancy is 0.8 percentage points if overtime is paid as 1.5x base pay.

Hardly anything to whine about, eh!?

Sam Smethers of The Fawcett Society said “This shocking lack of progress means without significant action women starting work today and in decades to come will spend their entire working lives earning less than men.

As I’ve shown before, the Pay Gap is complete nonsense but, idiots like the above head of The Fawcett Society keep peddling it. One could be fooled for thinking that this is done out of ignorance but, no, Ms Smethers knows she is talking nonsense.

Anything to support the #Narrative.

[Ad addendum, 04-11-2017, 17:04]

I’ve since come into contact with these fabulous graphs that show how the two sexes earnings grow and change over time. They were created by T1GERS0N, his Twitter is here.

T1GERS0N graphs

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