Minister for Men: Huge Success!

The inaugural meeting for the Society to Establish a Minister for Men and Boys was held last night in Bath Baptist Church and it was a huge success.

Following many difficulties and setbacks, the first meeting of the Society to Establish a Minister for Men and Boys was held last night in Bath, with many in attendance and interest from the press. Difficulties started when the posters first went up, with many being defaced and torn down. The venue for the Cheltenham meeting was contacted and, following pressure from female “patrons”, the manager was coerced into cancelling.

In the few days before the event, there was controversy in the Press after Labour Councillor Joe Rayment tweeted out an image of one of the posters claiming “the absolute state of this” and claiming he objects to male equality as a political idea. When called out on it, he referred to men’s rights as nothing and ridiculous. Typical Labour nonsense.

He was met with a response from Tory Councillor Michael Norton who said he “supports everyone’s right to meet and discuss things that matter to them”, he doubts WEP Bath would deny men meeting to discuss their ideas and he said “everyone should be treated equally & fairly”. Unsurprising equality from a councillor from the only party to ever provide female Prime Ministers.

These tweets and disagreements soon made it into local Press, the Bath Chronicle recorded both the support and rejection from the two aforementioned councillors. The Bristol Post published a fairly supportive article which included a poll showing that 60% support the idea that government should have a Minister for Men. The Mirror also provided free publicity.

minister for men bristol post poll.png

The night went without a hitch, there was a singular protestor holding a sign that said “Feminism = Equal Opportunities For Both Sexes” yet when quizzed on this, could provide no citations. He claimed that men have benefitted for thousands of years, men have been on top and it’s time for equality. He also failed to provide citations or examples of how men had ever “been on top” and, when presented with the argument that life was tough for everybody, he agreed! How could life be tough for everybody and yet men be privileged!? Bless his bonnie lil’ heart!

Our protestor AWW.jpg

He also confessed to having torn down three posters each day he could find them (they had to replaced because people like him would tear them down) and stated movements of hate all start small like this, claiming to be for equality. Sadly, our young and noble white-knight failed to bring his tin-foil hat with him. Barely half an hour later, he was gone. I guess the cold and his fast-approaching bedtime meant he couldn’t stay out any later.

Where does it mention women and what to do with their bodies? Idiot.

The balance has been in men’s favour? Citation needed.

The meeting, which lasted for around 90 minutes, discussed the variety of inequalities men face, the challenges that lie ahead for the Society and how we are to go about establishing a Minister for Men and Boys. Overall, the mood was positive and tasks were set for what we are to do next.

Meetings for the Society are held monthly and information can be found on their website, which can be accessed by clicking anywhere on this sentence.


[Edit: Since this article went live, I have suspiciously been suspended from Twitter. I guess me calling out the loser who turned up to “protest” has landed me in Twitter jail! Ha-ha! I now need to provide a phone number to be given back access – it was either that or delete my “offending” tweets. I opted for the former. Screenshot is provided.]

suspended on twitter.png

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