MBGANews: Soros-Affiliated, Radical-Feminist Organisation Wants Potentially Dangerous Female Criminals OUT of Prison

I wrote an article for MBGANews. I link it below. 🙂



  1. How on earth did I miss this excellent post. Well done Jordan, I’ve re-posted, to spread the word. I’ve found so many articles and videos on György Schwartz and it is quite irritating that his sort like to pick Greek sounding names obviously as cover. We have Antifa protesting that they haven’t received the pay he promised them, an excellent petition in the US having received more than enough signatures to require a government response. Some highlights include video of FEMEN, a group Soros sponsors in partnership with the Israeli government, one particular group of which once approached on video turned out to all be Israeli Jews, not to mention that they even had their Jewish lawyers along. As for immigration, György Schwartz has been exposed as the sponsor of an extraordinarily large and complex network in Italy, a network whose sole purpose is to smooth the passage of Africans and Arab refugees into Europe is quite diabolical.

    And to think there are financial rules in place that make it alright that this loathsome bastard arse raped Britain to make his billions and we just bend over for the shafting and then he uses the funds to shaft us all some more.


  2. I have struggled with my research to verify my own lack of confirmation bias in this case, or is it the confirmation bias of others that makes me struggle so? I have a healthy fear of ever being part of the problem.


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