Women Who Should Be In Prison

I’ve decided to start listing occasions where Judges forget how to do their jobs.

It seems to me that the courts don’t want to send women to prison, they haven’t for a while. I keep seeing incidents of women being let off from prison, despite committing a prison-worthy offence.

It’s becoming really common or, it feels like it. So, being the sort that I am, I’ve decided to start compiling a list.

Anytime I see a criminal be spared jail because “muh, vagina“, I am going to list it here. I will, sometime soon I suspect, add historical cases as well.

I will only be aiming for serious offences: offences that resulted in death, serious assault, sexual offences, that sort of thing.


Many times a woman is let off, the Judge cites her status as “mother” as the reason for her freedom. This, however, seems not to apply to men, them being fathers is not a valid reason to spare them from being sent to prison.


I read an article today (23-08-2017) detailing how prisoners are being banned from seeing their children as a punishment – hundreds of children are having contact time with their fathers cut to just two hours a month.

Yet, visiting rights are different in women’s prisons, where guidelines state that children “should not be penalised from visiting or contacting their mother because of the mother’s behaviour” and that the number of visits by children “should not be restricted in order to serve the needs of an incentive scheme“.

This does not apply to men. Duh.


This is sexism in action.

This is misandry in action.

This is gynocentrism in action.



The List will start small but, over time, will undoubtedly grow.

I am more than happy to accept submissions.


[Edit (08 – 09 – 2017): I’ve noticed a minor trend and I am of the firm belief this trend will soon develop into a major trend. Several of these women have evaded justice because they were drunk. Yes, losing agency through drinking means you lose culpability but, only if you are a woman. Maddening.

Another thing I have noticed: Manchester. Manchester seems incredibly liberal when it comes to freeing female Defendants. I’m glad I don’t live there with those misandrists.]

[Edit (15 – 09 – 2017: Oh, for goodness’ sake! The Centre for Criminal Appeals (CCA) has advertised on their blog they are seeking to hire someone to act as a Women’s Justice Advocate (archive). It’s a full-time, 12-month fixed term contract earning £35K p/a plus pension contribution. The full job description can be found here; no such male-equivalent position exists. Oh, and would you look at that!? Its founder is in cahoots with George Soros. How am I not surprised!?]


The List:

14 – 09 – 2017: Michelle Kershaw – Theft


Michelle Kershaw, 45, from Mossley, Tameside, Greater Manchester, did steal £1,600 worth of goods from a disabled client (Guitar, Synthesis & iPhone; he has brittle bone disease) and did sell them on to fund her addiction to painkillers. She was meant to be acting as his carer, she was hired through an agency. She later falsely claimed they were gifts given to her by the victim. She received welfare payments, but got involved with an escort agency to make extra cash to support her family (she’s a single mother of three children).

The Judge remarked: “We do feel for your situation, but that doesn’t not take away from the offence you have committedThis could have been a very different ending and you could have ended up in custody. But neither of us want thatI know you have not been before the courts before and hopefully you won’t be here again.”

Sentence: 12-month community order, 100 hours unpaid work, pay £1,600 compensation and £500 court costs

Judge: JP

Court: Manchester Magistrates Court

11 – 09 – 2017: Jeanette Fidler – 200+ Convictions, Too Many Too List


Jeanette ‘The Magpie’ Fidler, 44, from Oldham, Manchester, did enter Salford Community Leisure Centre and break into various lockers thus, breaching her Criminal Behaviour Order (she is banned from all leisure centres, gyms and hotels in the UK). She has 217 previous convictions, all for similar offences. She has been burglarising for approximately 17 years, using the goods/money to pay off her drug habit – she is addicted to heroin – and is a single mother of three children.

The Judge (same Judge & Court as the Katie & Chloe Lomas Case: 29 – 08 – 2017) remarked: “You have umpteen previous convictions but I’m not going to send you to prison as I think this will encourage your little boy to get involved with the kind of life you have lived.” No, the reverse is true. Him growing up in such a household will encourage bad behaviour, him seeing the failings of the British ‘Justice’ System will confirm bad behaviour.

Sentence: 12-month Community Order

Judge: Judge Bernadette Baxter

Court: Minshull Street Crown Court


08 – 09 – 2017: Charlotte Lee – Attempted Murder of a Child Using Poison, Perverting the Course of Justice and Making a False Allegation


Charlotte Lee, 21, from Seaton, Devon, did dose a two-year-old boy’s fizzy pop drink with enough morphine to kill an 11-stone man whilst the boy was staying in the hospital. The medical staff prohibited the child from consuming fluids yet, Charlotte still gave him the spiked drinks. She attempted to blame the near-murder on the boy’s father, lying to both the medical staff and the police. The judge said he was able to suspend the sentence because she now admits what she did, is remorseful, and is receiving help.

Sentence: Two years imprisonment, suspended for two years, and ordered to receive psychiatric counselling as part of 35 days of rehabilitation activities

Judge: Recorder David Bartlett

Court: Exeter Crown Court


08 – 09 – 2017: Ella MacDermid & Kayleigh Atkinson – Assault, Criminal damage, Threatening Behaviour and Possession of an Offensive Weapon


Ella MacDermid, 25, and Kayleigh Atkinson, 22, from Padiham, Lancashire, did violently attack Ella’s 52-year-old god-mother Juliette Robinson and her boyfriend Craig Heyes with a 3-foot baseball bat and a brick, and did cause damage to Miss Robinson’s car to the tune of £576. Ella MacDermid was the main attacker whilst Kayleigh Atkinson did encourage the attacks.

Sentence (MacDermid): 12-months imprisonment, suspended for 15 months and to pay £500 compensation.

Sentence (Atkinson): 8-months imprisonment, suspended for 15 months

Judge: Mr Recorder Gary Woodhall

Court: Burnley Crown Court


08 – 09 – 2017: Helen Tweedy – Sustained Domestic Violence and Coercive & Controlling Behaviour


Helen Tweedy, 45, from Stretford, Trafford, Greater Manchester, did repeatedly attack and harm her husband for twelve years, including an assault on their wedding night in which she smothered him with a duvet and forced him to sleep on the sofa. She would drink herself into a rage and attack her husband and she also controlled her husband’s finances.

When they had a child together, the husband did then install a camera and film her over a period of two months, he feared the police would not believe him. Mrs Tweedy admitted three charges of common assault by beating.

The worst thing is, he defended her actions afterwards! If the sexes were reversed, the feminist-harpies would be screaming “COERCIVE AND CONTROLLING BEHAVIOUR”. He blamed the drink and the JP’s accepted that! Yet again, another woman let go because she can say “sorry, I was drunk!” (See Karolina Szumko, 14 – 03 – 17, for evidence)

Sentence: 12-month community order, 120 hours unpaid work and a 12-month restraining order banning her from contacting her husband.

Judge: Unknown Justices of the Peace

Court: Manchester Magistrates Court


04 – 09 – 2017: Kirsty Gallacher – Driving Whilst Under Influence


Kirsty Gallacher, 41, from Virginia Water, Surrey, did drive her BMW X4 whilst more than three times over the drink drive limit. She was seen driving erratically before police tracked her down using CCTV. She was on her way to meet her children to visit Windsor Castle on 12 August. Her behaviour did put at risk the lives of others and could have put at risk the lives of her children.

District Judge Davinder Lachhar said the charge was “very serious” and described the level of alcohol in her system as “very high”.

Sentence: Two-year driving ban, 100 hours unpaid community work, £85 court charges and a separate surcharge of £85.

Judge: District Judge Davinder Lachhar

Court: Slough Magistrates Court


30 – 08 – 2017: Foziea Parveen – Driving Whilst Under Influence with No License and No Insurance


Foziea Parveen, 29, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, did drink to nearly three times the legal limit and enter a 155mph BMW, driving across town and was seen to swerve around roads, mount kerbs and ‘bounce’ off a building during a 5am cruise through Manchester city centre.

The Chairman of the Magistrates remarked: “This is an exceptional situation, you could have been involved in an accident, you could have taken a life. It’s simply not acceptable to drink the amount you did and drive a car. All actions have consequences. You are a danger and that is why the maximum ban has been placed for this charge.” Do exceptional situations deserve exceptional sentences? I guess it depends on your definition of ‘exceptional’.

Sentence: 20 weeks jail suspended for 18 months, banned from driving for four years and four months. Electronically tagged for 20 weeks and pay £735 in costs and surcharges.

Judge: Peter Thompson, Chairman of the Magistrates (not a real judge)

Court: Manchester Magistrates Court


29 – 08 – 2017: Katie & Chloe Lomas – (Drunken) Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm


Katie Lomas, 21, and Chloe Lomas, 19, from Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Manchester, both did attack a woman punching her to the floor and both did kick and punch her repeatedly. Chloe’s boyfriend (Sam Donnelly, 24) and his brother (Jack Donnelly, 23) both received sentences for their involvement in the attack, two years for Sam and nine months for Jack.

Sentence: Four months imprisonment, suspended for 12 months (for both).

Judge: Judge Bernadette Baxter

Court: Minshull Street Crown Court (Manchester)

Katie has been ‘dealt with’ before, see below (03 – 01 – 2017). Despite having received two years detention, suspended for 18 months, she has not been sent to prison. Odd.


23 – 08 – 2017: Terry Remmer – Aggravated Burglary


Terry Remmer, 23, from Sunderland, did break into the house of an elderly man, stole his possessions and sold them on for drug money. She has a history of convictions, including shoplifting and theft.

The Judge remarked: “The gravity is that if you were a man you would be going to prison today … But I have to take into account not only your welfare but the welfare of your child.

Sentence: 18 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months.

Judge: Mark Lowe QC

Court: Newcastle Crown Court


21 – 08 – 2017: Jessica Wells – Death by Dangerous Driving


Jessica Wells, 22, from Swaffham Road, Wendling, Dereham, Norfolk, was speeding on her motorbike when she hit and killed Ian Rose, an 80-year-old pensioner, as he got off a bus (yes, she was speeding and decided to undertake a parked bus – WTF!?).

Sentence:  Four months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months.

Judge: Judge Philip Katz QC

Court: The Old Bailey (London)

Compare this to the case of Charlie Alliston who was riding a pushbike when a woman walked out into the street without looking (she was looking down at her phone) – he even shouted out to warn her. Despite only travelling around 10-14 mph, Judge Wendy Joseph QC has made it clear she is considering a jail sentence for Alliston. He faces a maximum penalty of two years’ imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.


16 – 08 – 2017: Chenelle Joseph-Thomas – Serious Theft

LinkArchive – Link(2) – Archive(2)

Chenelle Joseph-Thomas, 38, from Carmelita House, Dawes Road, stole a total £24,000 from two of her previous employers (approx. £12,000 each).

Cllr Emma Will, head of education at the council, said: “The judge has sent out a clear message with this sentence that this sort of stealing will not be tolerated.” Ha!

Sentence: 20 months in prison, suspended for two years, 250 hours of unpaid work and £100 victim surcharge.

Judge: Unknown

Court: Westminster Magistrates Court


16 – 08 – 2017: Rose Amadasun – Child Abuse


Rose Amadasun, 49, of Beauchamp Road, Croydon, starved children for days at a time and would beat them with belts and wires whilst shouting “Jesus“. She also blindfolded them and would shake them when they made noises.

Sentence: 16 months imprisonment, suspended for 18 months, 150 hours’ unpaid work and up to 25 days of ‘rehabilitation activities‘.

Judge: Unknown.

Court: Croydon Crown Court


11 – 08 – 2017: Natalie Saul – Theft and Fraud by Abuse of Position


Natalie Saul, 37, from Wandsworth, South London, did steal £348,439 from her employers after she blew £250,000 playing poker online. The mother-of-one submitted more than 400 fake invoices to get the cash from the software company between March 2015 and December 2016. Lucie Daniels, defending Saul, had argued her client was ‘shaken’ by the loss of her grandmother in 2013 and was a committed charity worker. Yet, Ms Saul perpetrated the thefts between March 2015 and December 2016.

She created fake invoices to company account system then, using her knowledge of the auditing system she amended the bank details to match her own. She paid the invoices to herself then changed the bank details back to the original supplier. She then marked the invoices as paid. She did this over 400 times. To reiterate, she did this over a 21-month period.

This was a premeditated and excruciatingly calculated crime.

Judge Newman said she was on the brink of giving her a sentence of three years and four months, before being persuaded she was unfit for prison.

The Judge admitted her sentence was “wholly exceptional” and fell outside sentencing guidelines and she also remarked Ms Saul is “not the general stuff of which the prison population is made”. She added “I’m taking a considerable risk that the Crown will think it lenient and appeal, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Sentence: Two-year suspended sentence, 250 hours unpaid work and must pay £360 costs

Judge: Judge Catherine Newman

Court: Southwark Crown Court


26 – 06 – 2017: Lavinia Woodward – Unlawful Wounding


Lavinia Woodward, 24, did stab Thomas Fairclough in the leg with a bread knife and hurled a laptop, glass and jam jar at him, all whilst under the influence of cocaine.

Judge Ian Pringle said it would ‘too severe’ a punishment to prevent her from becoming a surgeon.

Sentence: Will occur on September 25, unlikely to face prison. Has been given a restraining order and told to stay drug-free and not to re-offend.

Judge: Ian Pringle

Court: Oxford Crown Court

14 – 03 – 2017: Karolina Szumko – Racial Abuse, Assault and Drunken & Disorderly Behaviour


Karolina Szumko, 18, from Poland, did hurl a racially abusive tirade at bouncers because they rejected her from a club because she was too drunk. She also slapped the manager. When arrested, she continued her abuse but aimed it at officers and became more violent as well, spitting at them and hitting them. The violence continued even whilst being processed in Charing Cross Police Station.

Such quotes of hers are: “You f***ing black, you shouldn’t be standing between usYou are going to f***ing die, f***ing racists, pretend to be white but wish Merry Christmas to Muslim peopleyou f***ing b*tch, f***ing pigsBritish p*****s, you don’t believe in any f***ing nation, you are going to f***ing die.”

The Judge remarked: “I dare say you were not aware of what was going on, and I accept what happened wouldn’t have happened apart from drinking, you are genuinely sorryI’m not going to send a lady to prison for something like this [Emphasis mine].”

Sentence: 150 hours Community Services and £200 Victim Surcharge

Judge: Deputy District Judge Adrian Turner

Court: Hammersmith Magistrates Court


03 – 01 – 2017: Katie Lomas – Causing Serious Injury By Dangerous Driving, Driving Whilst Over The Alcohol Limit and Driving Without A Licence Or Insurance


Katie Lomas, 20, of Huddersfield Road, Stalybridge, Manchester, did drink to 8-points over the legal drink-drive limit, enter and drive a motor vehicle without a license nor insurance and did deliberately drive said vehicle towards her ex-boyfriend, causing him head and chest injuries including “complex” skull fractures, a punctured lung and knee ligament damage, from which he continues to suffer.

When sentenced for this offence, she was on bail for a drunken assault involving her and her sister. The courts were unaware of this at the time of sentencing – she was sentenced for the assault later (see above, 29 – 08 – 2017).

Sentence: Two years detention, suspended for 18 months, ordered to complete 100 hours of unpaid work and attend courses with the Probation Service.

Judge: Judge Recorder Samantha Presland

Court: Minshull Street Crown Court (Manchester)


12 – 04 – 2016: Gemma Keefe – Arson, Perverting the Course of Justice and Making a False Allegation


Gemma Keefe, 29, of Fareham, Hampshire, did ignite her own home, which had her three-year-old son and a friend of hers inside, and then blamed her estranged husband and his new partner for the attack. The stress of the accusation caused the new partner to suffer a miscarriage.

Sentence: 12-month community order with 12 months of supervision

Judge: Judge Roger Hetherington

Court: Portsmouth Crown Court


17 – 06 – 2015: Rebecca Minnock – Child Abduction, Breach of a Court Order and Contempt of Court

LinkArchiveCourt PapersLink(2)Archive(2)

Rebecca Minnock, 35, from Highbridge, Somerset, did fail to attend family-court hearings on 27th May 2015, fleeing with her three-year-old son, Ethan, so as to prevent the boy’s natural father, Roger Williams from having contact; she feared he would win custody of their child. She surrendered herself to Oxford Police Station on Friday 12th June following a national Press campaign.

Rebecca Minnock’s boyfriend, Andrew Butt, was sentenced to 28 days imprisonment for his role in the incident – he lied to the police about Rebecca and Ethan’s whereabouts. Rebecca Minnock’s mother, Louise Minnock, was also jailed for 10 days for her involvement.

The Judge remarked: “I have previously described Ms Minnock’s actions in making off with Ethan as ‘utterly irresponsible’. I adhere to those words. It would be patently wrong to suggest that Ms Minnock was so overpowered by protective maternal instinct that she was driven to behave in the way that she did. Her behaviour was manipulative, attention seeking and truculent. It caused immense distress to many. It caused a very large amount of public money to be wasted… Any idea that this sort of action will go unnoticed by the court is wrong. Parents who flout court orders are the scourge of the system. It is only the mercy of the father that spares this mother. Had the contempt proceedings continued before me and led to a finding of contempt I make no concealment of the fact that I would have sentenced her to immediate imprisonment which I anticipate would have involved a sentence of at least 28 days in prison. As it is, I think that the father’s wishes should be respected. He and Ethan are the victims of this mother’s actions and I consider that the father’s voice should prevail. She owes her liberty to him. She must never fail to comply with court orders again; they will be my orders in the future, as I will now be the judge of these proceedings subject to the direction of any higher court.

Sentence: None. Literally, nothing.

Judge: HHJ Stephen Wildblood QC

Court: Bristol Crown Court


09 – 12 – 2014: Yasmin Thomas – 18 Convictions for Assault and Breaching of a Suspended Sentence


Yasmin Thomas, 21, did attack Mr Ronnie Lee, a total stranger to her, in Bar So nightclub, Bournemouth, with a broken glass, causing a serious gash to his left eyelid which needed stitches and two smaller cuts to his face. The injuries were so close to his eye, it was feared he might lose the eye.

The court heard Thomas had displayed “unacceptable behaviour” three times since she was sentenced for the attack.

The Judge said he was willing to give her “a chance”. He also said he would not reveal details about Thomas’s past in open court in case she found them embarrassing.

Sentence: 12-months suspended for 2-years. 80-hours Community Service. Ordered to attend an anger management course. Ordered to pay £1,000 compensation to Mr Lee, and £150 in costs.

Judge: Judge John Harrow

Court: Bournemouth Crown Court


09 – 02 – 2013: Grace Adeleye – Manslaughter by Gross Medical Negligence


Grace Adeleye, 67, of Sarnia Court, Salford, did circumcise four-week-old Goodluck Caubergs in April 2010 using scissors, forceps and olive oil; she was paid £100 for the procedure. The child was cut in his home in Chadderton, Greater Manchester, and was a victim of the traditional African procedure known as “clamp and cut”. The victim was severely wounded during the procedure and later bled to death. When contacted by the mother, Grace did inform the mother he would be fine and would simply require breastfeeding. The mother contacted medical professionals but Goodluck died in hospital because of blood loss. Grace Adeleye had been hired as she had set herself up as a mobile circumcision clinic for Christian parents; many were unaware the (barbaric) surgery is available on the NHS. Grace soon retired from the practice.

The Judge remarked: “It was a tragedy, he was a perfectly healthy baby, he was not ill he had no need of medical care and he would not have died if you had acted with the care expected of you as a nurseNo sentence would bring him back or ease the grief his family must ensure, the pain of losing him will stay with them what the rest of their livesHis mother said it was a tragic accident but says she can’t find it in herself to wish you any ill feeling or that you be sent to prison. I accept that you showed genuine remorse for his death.” – No sentence would bring him back, does that mean all other killers can use that as a defence – help them evade jail!?

Extra notable Information: It emerged during the trial that up to three children a month are admitted to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital due to bleeding after home-based circumcisions … Most circumcisions in the UK are done for religious reasons but currently no formal qualifications are required to perform the operation … The Crown Prosecution Service’s Jane Wragg said the case “was not about the rights or wrongs of circumcision, but the grossly negligent way in which the procedure was undertaken“.

Sentence: 21-months imprisonment, suspended for 24 months

Judge: Justice Keith Lindblom

Court: Manchester Crown Court


  1. Just try googling ‘paedophile spared jail’. Tons of them there mate, none so far as I know in possession of a vagina. Fair number caught re-offending as well. Or try ‘abuser spared jail’ or ‘drunk driver spared jail’ most of them don’t have a vagina. Or my personal fave – ‘David the rapist spared jail’, or a blast from the past rapist spared jail because judge said 10 year old girl looked older.


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