Get Over #googlememo, It Was Inevitable

If you are outraged, shocked or, even a tad surprised by the #googlememo scandal (if we can even call it that), your naivety has invalidated any worth your input on the matter may have had.

I do not quite understand the fuss about this. Sure, I too was irked by this whole sordid affair when the story broke but, why are people so surprised? Why such an outrage? Why this shock and horror? Are we to act as if this sort of thing is unbelievable?

Forgive me if I am acting a bit curt here. I understand this man was essentially doxed, publically shamed, unlawfully fired and dragged through the merciless court of social media but (and this is a big but), it’s just another day in this progressive world we inhabit. After the furore of Sir Tim Hunt, the attack on Matt Taylor and the constant abuses levied against Professor Jordan Peterson, why do we still respond with surprise whenever the ideological Left brutally and viciously tears out the throat of someone whose only crime was to have the temerity to question them?

And why are “we” so surprised this has happened at Google?

Let’s be real. This is the same company that:

This company clearly cares very little about the rights of others so, why should it care for the rights of its employees? And, adding to this, we need to look at some of the prize specimens Google has chosen to hire:

google employees.jpg

That’s just a small collection of Google’s employees, as found via Twitter. The image speaks for itself.

Let’s also not forget the select individuals on Google’s censorship team:

google censorship team.jpg


The people who are on the inside of Google, the people who select the new recruits, the whole damn system is infected with the scourge of Gender Socialism and Radical Leftism. These above images reek of oppression.

And so, if we take Google’s ambivalence to the rights of the individual, as well as their overarching reach through the internet and catalyse that all with the indefatigable, rampant desires of the SocJus community, we then have a perfect recipe for Marxist Totalitarianism.

So, I must ask again: why are we surprised at how Google handled this?

Take, for example, their choice of doodles, Google has proven to us they are mired with Neurotic Leftism. In fact, since this “scandal” broke, it has been found that many managers keep blacklists of fellow employees they refuse work with. Google is a toxic SocJus company infested with Identity Politics. This story is not news, it’s just another day.


And, do you know what!? This will keep on happening. Why? Because we let it. Oh, sure, there’ll be angry tweets. There’ll be cute op-eds decrying this tyrannical behaviour. Pious fools will stand tall and mighty and solemnly vow to combat this affliction. But, the dust will settle, people will calm down and then move on to the next outrage. Oh, someone got banned from their local library because they asked for a copy of Dangerous and they were frogmarched out the door (or something like that). We’ll just keep on rolling with the punches until, one day, we’ll receive that thousandth cut.

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