FvP Ep 06 – Rebecca Reid and Online Harassment



Earlier last week, resident-idiot at Metro Online Rebecca Reid decided to write an article titled “Should feminists stop shaming men on the internet?” – Straight off the bat she is openly admitting that feminists are abusive and harassing.

For those who recognise the name, Rebecca Reid is the feminist who got utterly destroyed by Milo Yiannopoulos some two years ago in Bristol Uni. That was a fun demolition to watch. What’s the term? Oh yeah, Schadenfreude! Alas, she has not learned her lesson.

She starts the article by saying she’s a bit pissed off. She’s not quite gotten over the ridiculously unnecessary controversies regarding Matt Taylor (#Shirtgate) and Sir Tim Hunt. She still believes both men were in the wrong and deserved what they got. This tells us she’s a special type of insufferable hag.

But now she’s extra special ticked off because Casualty actor Tom Chambers has unabashedly caused a storm in a feminist tea cup. He said:

“My wife works really hard as a stay-at-home mum, but I’m the only one bringing in a salary for our family … many men’s salaries aren’t just for them, it’s for their wife and children, too”

Many ordinary people will hear this and not batter an eye, why would they!? There are many “traditional family homes” out there: father as breadwinner/primary source of income, mother as homemaker (maybe also doing some part-time work). I grew up in such a household, as I’m sure much of my audience did.

But no, all of Rebecca’s insatiable feminist urges have been ramped into hyper-drive. See, she doesn’t get “the time of the month” because she is perpetually in a mood-swing. This is your brain on feminism.

She bitches how Tom is wrong and a sexist and is ignorant and all that boring clap-trap.

Except, he’s not wrong! Men are still majority of breadwinners and women work considerably fewer hours than men.

[Imagine my shock!]

But, being what she is, she didn’t end there. She then wastes 189 words chatting utter nonsense (none of which is cited, obviously).

chatting nonsense.png

So she readily admits to writing articles just to virtue-signal and be a cunt.

She readily admits to her shame at not being able to be continually offended.

She readily admits to targeting men who are not misogynists, picking pointless fights with them.

She readily admits she’s unable to completely refute him.

So she ends it by going “meh, I think you’re wrong therefore you are and you need feminist reconditioning!”

She then spends the rest of the article whinging about how she wishes she could be a loud-mouthed harridan to anyone who disagrees with feminism but can’t because it makes her look like an irritable bitch.


Oh, such first world problems, not being able to “shout in people’s faces” or “summon internet lynch mobs” against those you dislike. Yeah, those are the things she wishes she could do!

Oh, Rebecca, you two-faced, entitled Princess.

In fact, aren’t you the same two-faced, entitled Princess who thinks sexual harassment is okay so long as it is woman perpetrating it against men?

Oooh, yes you are!

rebecca reid two faced comments.png

Rebecca Reid, 2015.

In other words, women are allowed to sexually harass, men aren’t.

Equality! This is feminism!

Rebecca Reid, you are a hypocrite! You are two-faced, a lying harridan of a woman.

But, I wonder, what with all this talk about online harassment and abuse: what kind of person transmits online abuse and what type of person receives it?

According to Pew Research Data, which is the gold-standard, men are more likely to experience any form of harassing behaviour online.

pew research data online abuse.png

However, women are more likely than men to view it as a problem than men are.

So, because women are whinging louder than men about online harassment, doesn’t mean they’re receiving more of it!

[insert clip of anita sarkeesian at UN: you suck, day to day grind]

Also, women are just as likely as men to perpetrate misogynistic abuse as women. There’s your gender equality!

But before you run away crying “muh, female public figures get attacked all the time”, you might wanna learn that male celebrities receive more abuse on Twitter than women.

In fact, a feminists natural ally, a right wing male in a position of power (in this case, Male Tory MPs), they receive more abuse!

The feminist teaching that the internet is somehow against women, a misogynist’s safe-haven, is complete nonsense.

Rebecca Reid has shown her true feminist colours as a misandrist – an abusive and harassing piece of dirt.

She’s totally okay with sexually harassing men, abusing them for “wrong-speak” and she supports dogpiling and lynch mobs.

This is what a feminist looks like.

I think I’ve been a bit too curt here. If we really want to make a change in the world around us then we need to try to educate women who say stupid things, rather than shame them.

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