The Final Word On The Ultimately Doomed Campaign

I link below my article in The Conservative Woman.

One comment

  1. It was not a waste of time. Action and effort was made, and the silent majority of human beings would not like Jess Philips because she is vile, abusive and drunk on power. In many ways being a useful idiot for the Feminists behind the scenes changing UK policy and law in the continued disempowerment and exploitation and harm of working class men&boys. The demoralisation of men has been very successful as we all know, and our society is collapsing because of it. Jess Phillips a gloating sexist woman, calling men who do not treat every female with the deep reverence expected, sexists. Jess’s ugliness is good to see publicly.
    Jess is proud of her misandry and vicious sexism as many woman are, – and many men too. Misandry is considered enlightened by our establishment and society as a whole today.
    As more and more woman and girls, bully, suppress, attack, exploit and falsely accuse males, and the more and more indecent dishonourable men join in, – the more and more decent caring practical men will distance themselves.
    Working class men and boys have no place as independent free people in Jess Philips Feminist world view. We are no longer citizens.
    Maybe she judges men by her merits? which is why she laughs so loud at the mere thought that men & boys have emotions or can be innocent of anything. All I see is violence when I see and hear Jess Philips.
    Many men and woman who have to live in the real world will see her clearly too. Especially people who have been subject to abominations like Jess within their own childhoods as I was. Jess Philips intention of harm, the gloating the snide mockery toward her victims, followed by her loud claiming of false victimhood herself to justify her actions or amusements.
    We are moving towards feudalism where one human morally owns another through the enforcement of the laws due to the sadistic manipulation of our culture. Our laws and morality by societies parasitic classes, ‘kept woman, and kept people’. Levels of authoritarians who do not contribute to society, but exploit it and everyone in it.
    Feminism’s roll is to destroy every dignity and the human right of working class males, especially ethnically white Western European men. I think gynocentrism is behind every cast and class system.
    Jess Philips and parasitic Feminist woman like her hold high position, laughing at common sense, respect and the real achievements of gifted worthwhile people who she and other Feminists replace. Feminists and the the ideological Leftists don’t even know the differences between men and woman. No understanding of our complementary differences. Males have every obligation toward females, females have none toward males, or even children for that matter.
    Your work has allowed Jess Philips to show herself again. She thinks thats good. We can only hope as she makes things worse for the average person, that more people will see through the brain-washing and ideology, and we can pray all Feminists and all the Leftists that support this 50 year extremism will be held accountable.


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