Feminism vs The Patriarchy – NAFALT

are all feminists like that? i know, what a silly question.

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Today I wish to discuss NAFALT (Not All Feminists Are Like That) or, as it really should be called: YAFALT (Yes All Feminists Are Like That). And I know what many will say “but Jordan, last week you said there were levels to being a feminist, different forms – how can they all be like that?” Well, dear reader, it’s because whilst they are all different forms of a feminist, they are all exactly that … feminist.

But first, some definitions.

Definitions of Patriarchy:

Wikipedia: Patriarchy is a social system in which males hold primary power and predominate in roles of political leadership, moral authority, social privilege and control of property.



Everyday Feminism: a system of domination by which the wealthy, white, male ruling class has authority over everyone else.



London Feminist Network: Patriarchy is the term used to describe the society in which we live today, characterised by current and historic unequal power relations between women and men whereby women are systematically disadvantaged and oppressed.



Overall, Patriarchy benefits men yet costs women (men on top and women down below).

Now let’s assess Male Privilege:

Wikipedia: Male privilege is a concept used to describe potential social, economic, and political advantages or rights that are made available to men solely on the basis of their sex.



Finally Feminism 101: Male privilege is a set of privileges that are given to men as a class due to their institutional power in relation to women as a class. While every man experiences privilege differently due to his own individual position in the social hierarchy, every man, by virtue of being read as male by society, benefits from male privilege.



Only two actual definitions I could find – all others were just lists, examples or discussions of male privilege. No solid definitions. But that’s what happens when your movement is a stigmergic pile of shit.

Simply put, this means men are privileged by virtue of sex. The lists I saw were all about how men were privileged because they could do X, Y and Z easier than women can so they must, therefore, be privileged as an entire class.

This, alongside their definition of The Patriarchy, we call this “collective guilt”. It can also be known as “collective responsibility”.

The idea of collective guilt is such that if one person of a group does or is something, the whole of that group does or is that thing. Collective guilt implies that if a person is part of a group, they are all representatives of one another.

Marxists use this a lot and they really hate it when people consider themselves oppressed as individuals because, as far as the Marxists are concerned, you are oppressed as a class, a demographic, you are all part of this class consciousness. So, any rebels, who see themselves as personally oppressed are slapped with the label of “false consciousness”. Someone who has a false consciousness will think “I am oppressed by MY boss” rather than “WE are oppressed by OUR boss”.

And as Feminism is Gender Marxism, it’s prudent to include feminism’s perspective, so Anita Sarkeesian said “Feminism is about the collective liberation of women as a social class. Feminism is not about personal choice”. Says it all.



Members are supposed to be part of this “Klasse en sich” (and if du sprichst kein deutsch, that means class in itself), not become one of themselves. Remember, they’re commies, pure collectivism, individuality is not allowed. If you become individual, you create inequality.

Collective guilt feeds into their notion of “cultural hegemony”, which is where a “dominant” culture is enforcing their beliefs, customs, etc over the “diverse” population so that they, the “dominants”, became the status quo. That’s what the feminists accuse men of, us men are enacting cultural hegemony through patriarchy. We are colonisers and oppressors.

Well, fuck, great, that’s it. It appears I’m enacting cultural hegemony. This, by the way, is coming from the same fucking crowd that demands we use their language so as not to offend them, demands we change ourselves to suit them so as to not offend them. The hypocrisy is RIFE.

But that’s their point, though, they’re not part of the dominant culture (in their eyes), so they can do it. But, if you are a male, you are part of the dominant culture (patriarchy) ergo, because of collective responsibility, you are an oppressor.

So, you’re gonna ask me, what has that got to do with NAFALT?

Well, as Robert Greene wrote in The 48 Laws of Power:

The power of verbal argument is extremely limited, and often accomplishes the opposite of what is intended. As Gracián remarks, “The truth is generally seen, rarely heard.” The Moral Effect is a perfect way to demonstrate your ideas through action. Quite simply, you teach others a lesson by giving them a taste of their own medicine.

So, feminists, because of collective guilt (and yes, you are a dominant culture), that means I can hold each and every one of you to account for the actions of anyone who identifies as a feminist.

So, if you identify as a feminist, you are a terrorist bomber because in 1913 the Suffragettes (who were feminists that fought for women’s right to vote, remember!?) bombed the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s (David Lloyd George) cottage.



If you identify as a feminist, you want to kill people you disagree with, just like Valeria Solanas tried to do.



If you identify as feminist, you agree with Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, when she said in 1921 “the most urgent problem today is how to limit and discourage the over-fertility of the mentally and physically defective”.



If you identify as a feminist, you agree with both Mary Daly and Sally Miller Gearhart in the idea that we should genocide 90% of the male population.



And those are just four examples.

So, feminists, if you blame men as a collective for patriarchy and male privilege, we can then blame you.

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