the problem with my generation pt II

It gets worse.


In part 1, I discussed how children’s lack of exposure to the violence and cruelty of the world is causing them to grow up with distorted views of human interaction and how helicopter parenting, every child first, participation awards, etc have all harmed the modern generation because the achievers aren’t promoted and the underachievers are rewarded for mediocrity. This has given children skewed understanding of the value of effort, motivation and output. Which is why so many of today’s modern generation love Marxism – it appeals to their ignorant, indulgent, selfish and most certainly entitled worldview. You ever tried saying “no” to a Marxist? Better yet, you ever telling a Marxist you have the right to say “no”? Go to any university, give it a go and see what happens.

Since part one I have watched a video of Professor Jordan Peterson discussing children and how, today, we don’t let our children play. And he means play in the literal sense. Kids create a fantastical world, filled with monsters or princesses, they then mentally inhabit this world and run amok – their imaginations taking them to new heights full of wonder and sparkle. They also enjoy this with fellow peers. They have their games. Sometimes they are transcendental, other times they just want to grab crayons and colour on the wall. But, these games, especially when played with one another, promote communication, compromise and conflict.

Do not fear at the sound of conflict, all of us had to learn how to navigate the circumstance where you want something, somebody else has it and you go about getting it. In basic, primeval times, we would grab a rock and smash the other person around the head for it. And kids do that, young kids. Sure, they won’t grab a rock but instead, they’ll grab that little plastic toy phone with a face in the dial and tiny wheels on it. You know the sort I mean.

But they learn this is wrong and they learn to compromise and they do this through communication so they build these extra layers of empathy and social order in their minds. They understand how to formulate persuasive arguments, how to communicate their desires and how to deal with both positive and negative reactions. Schemas (patterns of behaviour) to help them circumnavigate the ultimately very dangerous world of other people.

But, this does not happen in single child families, as Professor Peterson explains. These children are raised by parents who are older, so they also hyper-value the child and give the child the best of everything and in an overly structured manner and he then hits on the point that inspired this video. He says children don’t have the freedom to be idiot children, to eat dirt and bang their heads. So they grow up, became these loud-mouthed idiots we have seen on campus and they are yelling “you better play my game, or else”.

What he referenced was antifragility.

Before I discuss antifragility, I want to point out that lone child families hadn’t really increased much here in the UK between 1920 and 1970 but, it would appear that from that between 1970 and 1996, something catastrophic happened and lone families surged in popularity (1996 & 2016 data, 2005 data). Please note, the most recent data does not include childless families.

Nassim Nicholas Taleb defines antifragility as “a convex response to a stressor or source of harm (for some range of variation), leading to a positive sensitivity to increase in volatility (or variability, stress, dispersion of outcomes, or uncertainty, what is grouped under the designation “disorder cluster”). Likewise fragility is defined as a concave sensitivity to stressors, leading a negative sensitivity to increase in volatility”. In Lehman’s terms: shit happens and you toughen up. However, I would recommend against straight up punching your child as they do have a fairly low tensile strength and would end up breaking pretty damn quick.

Antifragility can be seen in your immune system, the more pathogens it is exposed to, so long as it is at a manageable rate and the severity is not too great, the better equipped it becomes. The same is for children, they need to be able to climb trees, run around, fall over and get hurt. It’s the only way they learn to deal with pain and suffering in a manner that they can cope.

And so, returning to the immune system analogy, kids whose immune systems do not get “attacked”, not incited to develop, they now live in bubbles because one exposure to a pathogen could kill them. There’s also the hygiene hypothesis. The hygiene hypothesis states that allergy and increased longevity are both consequences of reducing infectious stressors during early childhood for millennia.

In white, Western cultures we see higher rates of autoimmune diseases because our immune systems have less to do and so, almost out of boredom, attack the body (yes, some autoimmune diseases, like lupus, affect black people more than white people). But the analogy is still the same.

So, just like the hygiene hypothesis, kids who have grown up in an emotional bubble, who have never been reprimanded, never taught to deal with conflict, never learn how to communicate and thus, compromise, and are left without the skills necessary to be able deal with situations where they are having their whims, desires and/or wishes denied.

So what do they do? They do the same thing they always do.

They grab the little toy phone, with the face in the dial and the wheels on the sides and they use it to hit the child that’s not giving them the toy they want. Except this time they’re not reaching for the little toy phone and this time it’s not a child they are lashing out at. This time it’s a professor who won’t use their pronouns or someone wearing a Trump shirt who is playing recipient to their childish tantrum.

And when they do this, we get to witness base human emotion, completely void of any higher thought or rationality. They are existing on the simple, human level of “I want [X], I get [X]”. They rely on raw limbic system. It is really, rather, quite entertaining to behold – I will admit that much.

But that’s the issue – they’ve not got the framework to develop, to deal with difficult situations. They can’t understand conflict, they cannot communicate – compromise is not an option. And so, they go to university, where these maladaptive patterns of behaviour should be broken and remoulded. But, instead, they are fuelled by Marxist propaganda, are taught what to think rather than how to think and all their limbic rage and uninhibited desire to consume (because to consume is another one of these most basic human desires) is channelled into this ideology.

It’s almost like they have been designed from birth to be these beings unburdened by higher thought, uninhibited by morality or empathy, fuelled by pure human craving and guided by an overarching ideology that effectively turns them into the perfect human weapon. As we’ve seen in these videos, they don’t care who their opponents are or what damage they are inflicting because they cannot care.

Before I go, I wanted to raise up something troubling that was advertised over at the University of Arizona. A job, a position offering $10 an hour (not quite the $15 they were demanding) was advertised on their website calling for Social Justice Advocates to foster an environment free of bias and to report to the university any people who were essentially guilty of wrong-think. The offer has since been taken off the site, the link is below to the now defunct page.

In Maoist China, Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany they had family members spy on and report one another if they committed “wrong-think”. This is now happening in American Universities.

As I just said, these people are being moulded into weapons – it is truly horrifying.

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