In today’s edition, I recycle old content simply because it is relevant again! Huzzah!


[Ad addendum (11/05/17): The #EqualOccupationalFatalityDay data originally used is American so, repeated below, is the same date but with British Data. Enjoy.

The day is calculated using the same methodology* – data for workplace fatalities is located here.

Deaths                  Workers               Deaths per million Workers

Men                      137                         17.8 million         7.70

Women               7                              15.6 million         0.45

*Have used data from 2014-15 as 2015-16 is not yet available, working on assumption there is little/no change.

The data above shows men are dying on the job at 17.11 times the rate as women which means Equal Occupational Fatality Day will fall on the 41st day of 2033 (add 17 years and find the day 0.11% into that year) – Thursday February 10, 2033. Nice.

To summate the above list of days we see:

Equal Pay Day:                                                                   Tuesday 04 May 2017

Equal Hours Day:                                                              Saturday 06 April 2017

Equal Tax Day:                                                                   Thursday 10 May 2018

Equal Occupational Fatality Day:                                Thursday 10 February 2033

My apologies for the gross error in my workings.]

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