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  1. Hi Jordan its Rod, great to finally see you on the screen!
    This is not depressing at all things are slowly moving forward, – as powerful Feminists become more and more draconian. They are doing this legally because it can no longer be done to men as well emotionally and psychologically as it used too.The shaming is not working quite so well, so they are forcing men into submission with punishments using the law.
    Muslim immigrant culture still value masculinity as do Hindu, Sikh and Jewish people too. They are faith cultures as we once were. We departed the Christian faith, but in many ways still value the basic good things about our Christian culture.
    We need an identity, and can try and learn or copy the positive things from the other religions. Our culture is now most often the mass media. Which is anti-male, anti-father (although it is getting a tiny bit better in advertising) It is also anti gender preferring fluid identities and aggressive female-ness. The media is a destructive and dead end roll model, run by billionaires who are too stupid to know what evil is.
    We need to promote positive things about men, boys and masculinity. It is what religion does. Woman from traditional families understand that they are better off with men. These woman know it has always been men who protected and provided for woman, not radical lesbians and supremacist rich woman.
    Men need to learn to trust each other more, and stop believing what all woman tell them about males and masculinity. Very few woman understand masculinity in any culture, especially ours now. And that includes what Western men understand now, because of Feminists.
    Most men and woman complement each other, most of us are different in need and want. But it mostly works. Until extremism like gynocentrism takes over.
    We need to promote healthy masculinity to men. And lead by example. We see it ourselves, when we all get together. There needs to be more fun among us. We need to meet up more socially but with purpose, a better community.
    Feminism is about many selfish things and class is one of them. The more entitled, useless quoter woman (not merit woman) hold important positions in society the more our society slips into corruption and bedlam.
    The poorer and more unsafe we all come while a small minority becomes unhealthily greedy and rich.
    More woman will not afford a Feminist lifestyle. Let alone a decent living. They will be looking for a way out of a crap life.
    Which is why men need to start promoting what we are, and we can do this first by supporting each other and mixing with intelligent kind woman only. Notice how much we laugh when we all get together.
    Feminists are killing the golden goose. The golden goose is men.
    Our society became so rich that more and more woman could afford to be bored and dissatisfied. Thinking the grass is greener on the other side (in the average mans life) is folly.
    Because men are a different animal to woman. They will learn this, most of them that can’t afford a Feminist lifestyle.
    This is in our favour, as long as men stick together, and stop ourselves from being Servants, Slaves and Scapegoats, as Paul Elam said.
    Feminists are trying to make Government, make us just that. If we create a male community that includes intelligent kind woman, Feminists will fail.


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