Former Vice President is Trying to Stay Relevant

Politically Correct Former Vice President Joe Biden (D) spoke recently about campus rape culture and how to prevent rape.

Speaking at George Mason University in Virginia on Wednesday, Ex-VP Joe Biden was visiting the campus as part of the It’s On Us Campaign and was joined by 13 Reasons Why start Alisha Boe and the series’ executive producer, Joy Gorman Wettels. Snippets of the talk can be found below:

Let’s deconstruct this a little bit, shall we!? Let’s apply a little critical thought here, that’s the hip thing to do nowadays, am I right!?

So, in the first thirty seconds or so he iterates the point “if she is drunk, dead drunk, you are raping her … Consent require affirmative consent”. Well, gee, holy fuck. I guess we all learned a lot here, didn’t we class C-137! Thank goodness we got good ol’ Joe Biden here to tell us this else no-one would ever have known.

But honestly, sarcasm aside, this kind of rhetoric does not help and I really got to question the motive behind such ill-informed and idiotic comments. Is Joe Biden honestly so stupid, so blindingly dumb, that he genuinely believes that college rape (or any rape for that matter) occurs because the rapist didn’t know that having sex with an unconscious person is wrong!?

Would it not be better to work from the argument that rape, like any other crime, occurs because the criminal wants something and so thus takes/does it!? Would it not be better to leave behind this moronic argument that these crimes occur because the criminal was simply unaware it was wrong to do so.

I do, however, like how he is arguing that if the woman is too drunk to consent, if she is unable to say “yes”, then it is rape. Normally, the narrative is if she is drunk then it is rape, which is much vaguer. No one would argue “well, hurr durr, what if he was black out drunk too” because if both were black-out drunk they wouldn’t be having sex because they have blacked out (I am using the term “blacked out” to mean passed out or unconscious, not so drunk one does not recall it the next day, that is something else). Most narratives I’ve observed work from the start-point of them being just drunk, not black-out drunk.




The narrative, like that which is portrayed in the image above, which is also espoused by many anti-rape advocates, is that when a heterosexual sexual encounter occurs, in which both participants are drunk, the woman is a rape victim and the male a rapist because when intoxicated, the woman is unable to give consent.

This bullshit narrative is simultaneously misandrist and misogynistic for very simple reasons. As the self-entitled patriarchal shit-lord that I am, I shall start with why it is misandrist.

It is misandrist because it paints all men who have ever had a drunken sexual encounter with a woman, who was also drunk, as a rapist and implies drunken men are potential rapists.

The reason it is misogynistic is because it implies women are so inferior to men that they are bested by a couple of drinks whereas men are not. If a man is still able to give consent when drunk yet, a female cannot, then men evidently have greater self-governing, higher self-control and more autonomy than women do. So much for women being just as strong and as capable as men, huh!?

Then, in the next segment, Joe Biden says how a woman could strip naked, walk out the room and no man would have the right to put his hand on her. Naturally, I would put my hand on her but, I am allowed to because I do not identify as a man. So, for me, it’s a goddamn buffet, a real free for all. I’d smack her up like a drum set, no holds barred. I’m sure that’s what he meant when he used such gendered language to talk about sexual assault. Please kindly inform me if I have misinterpreted his comments in any way.

In his final segment, he makes a very good point but, I will address it later.

For backstory, the It’s On Us campaign was launched by the former VP and the former President Barack Obama back in 2014 and, whilst it “asks everyone — men and women across America — to make a personal commitment to step off the sidelines and be part of the solution to campus sexual assault”, it oft views sexual assault through a gynocentric lens. I am unsurprised because, well, you know why, you just read the first few paragraphs.

Whilst the media produced to support this campaign portrays sexual assault in a non-gendered manner (presumably to avoid Title IX lawsuits when applied to college campuses), the way it is spoken of in media is gendered. When Joe Biden spoke with Jimmy Fallon last year, he said “We gotta change the way we think about [sexual assault]. I’m convinced the vast majority of men understand and it’s about time we speak up and we intervene when we see it”. If they understand it is wrong, why do you act so goddamn naïve about an attackers motives!?

Whilst his approach may come across as valiant and noble I, as per typical MRA behaviour, gotta respond with “what about teh menz?

No, seriously.

I know it’s a bit of a meme but asking “what about teh menz” is a valid question.

Look at it like this, according to the National Intimate Sexual Violence Survey 47% of victims of CONTACT SEXUAL VIOLENCE in the past 12 months were men. In fact, in the past 12 months, there were more male Made to penetrate victims than there were female Rape victims (1.7m vs 1.5m respectively). Made To Penetrate is considered by many, including myself, as a legitimate form of rape whereby a man is either coerced or physically forced into penetrating someone against the man’s will or without his consent. Alas, the law does not recognise it as such, which is a fucking disgrace.

If we are to consider Made to penetrate as a form of rape when perpetrated against men then, we will find that one-third of the Lifetime victims of Completed alcohol/drug-facilitated rape … are men. Considering Joe Biden’s speech focused so heavily on intoxication, I am astounded he did not consider male victims.


CDC NISVS women.png


CDC NISVS men.png


Ergo, I am left to conclude that, with this information being from the widely reputed and heavily cited Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and, as such information has been around for quite a while now, that Joe Biden is making his gynocentric comments out of pure blasé apathy (or, dare I say, antipathy) and contempt for the well-being of men. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a product of The Empathy Gap. Although, what else am I to expect from the guy who introduced the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)!?

Now, I wish to return to the point made at the end of the CNN video of Joe Biden at George Mason University. The point he made was “Rape and Sexual Assault is about power” and yep, he is on the money with that one. Yet, this point outright refutes his earlier implication that people rape because “hurr durr I thought it was okay even though s/he was passed out cuz of the booze, yo!” If it is about power and not ignorance, then rapists know they are raping and the whole Consent Crusade is a waste of time. Because honestly, is a rapist gonna stop because of a consent class or a consent campaign? No, of course not because, as you rightly said, it’s about power.

And so, I feel it has reached the time for storytelling. And oh-boy, is it a good one!

It was during the time of Obama’s administration that we were hit with the horrendous bit of news of a young person who was sexually assaulted when drunk, dead drunk. This person was the recipient of a sex act whilst unconscious because of copious amounts of alcohol. The attacker exerted power over this person by performing a sex act, like a coward, on their unconscious victim. So, by Joe Biden’s standards, this person is a victim of rape.


This person is not a victim because this person is a man. Whoops.


To make things better, HE was then accused of sexual assault (despite being dead drunk) and was subsequently expelled from college.


To make matters better, a judge recently blocked his attempt to subpoena his female accuser’s text messages on grounds that re-litigating the matter “would impose emotional and psychological trauma” on her. Yep, this young man trying to argue his case as a victim of sexual assault would impose emotional and psychological trauma on his attacker. And yet the feminists whinge about a Rape Culture.

But, despite all this, Joe Biden still portrays sexual assault as a male-perpetrator and female-victim incident.

What a complete nonce.

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  1. Biden’s projecting. This is simply a variation of the mantra Jo’s therapist told him to repeat every morning when he wakes up so as to remember kiddie fiddling is wrong. “Even if a little boy strips naked and walks out of the room, I’m not allowed to touch him!” He chants.

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