Men’s Working Forum

A short post, here to advertise an upcoming event.

Readers of my site will no doubt be interested and I dare say involved in the men’s movement – be it public demonstrations, email campaigns, providing social media presence or offering their opinion on the internet much in the same fashion as I do. As such, I wish to advertise an upcoming event that many may enjoy.

It’s called the National Men’s Rights Working Forum, full information can be found here, and is a 3 day event running from Friday 28th October to Sunday 30th October in Bath. The non-profit event is being organised by ManDate, an umbrella group concerned with all male inequalities. The event intends to find real working solutions to the inequalities faced by men and boys today – the areas of choice are left up to the attendees.

The event is designed for men who wish to contribute and make a difference – it’s not a sit-down talking conference. Please be aware, attendee participation will certainly be a requirement. This does not mean that those new to the movement are unwelcome because of inexperience, we all start somewhere.

If this interests you, contact details can be found on the flyer linked here, contacting me will have no effect except being told to find the details in the aforementioned flyer.

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