Petition Bias at 38 Degrees Against @PhilipDaviesMP

Philip Davies MP for Shipley has been mired in controversy lately for daring to highlight the prison sentencing gender gap prevalent here in the UK. He also shown and proven how the courts favour women over men and gives them preferential treatment simply for being female.

However, if you only receive your news through the mainstream media, you would not be aware of this. Instead they have simply quote-mined him and attempted to use this as base of attack. Such quotes are “feminist zealots want women to have their cake and eat it” and “They fight for their version of equality on all the things that suit women – but are very quick to point out that women need special protections and treatment on other things.” Rather than trying to counter his arguments with fact and logic (probably because they can’t) they instead try to paint him as a big meanie because he said some horrible words and made someone cry somewhere.

Obviously they fail to address and don’t even attempt to refute his proven claims that women enjoy preferential treatment in the prison service, all of which can be found in the full video of his talk. He outright states that the problem is not between men and women, but only one being stirred up by militant feminists and the politically correct males who pander to this nonsense. However, many members of the mainstream media seem to be subscribers of the belief that feminism is women and all women are feminist – that they are one and the same. This is not the case.

I say this because many who criticise feminism are instantly hailed as misogynists as if it isn’t possible to separate the ideology from the sex it claims to represent. This is what has happened to Philip Davies however he has valiantly defended his claims pointing out that he was expressing facts and not opinions.


has feminism gone too far poll.jpg

The people have spoken.


Unfortunately there are those who disagree and some bright spark decided to start a petition calling for his resignation (I doubt it’ll have any influence over him). At the time of writing the petition had accumulated 929 signatures. The bright spark in question is Rosie Tallant who, according to her Huffington Post page (who would’ve guessed she writes for HuffPo) is an active feminist campaigner and is involved in campaigns both locally and nationally. She is also the founder of, a blog that aims to get people talking about social change, and is a contributing writer for The Yes Resource. Lovely stuff.

The petition calls for “Philip Davies to resign as the Conservative MP for Shipley, on the grounds that his history of misogynistic comments and actions make him unable to represent the women in his constituency.” Let’s take a little look through the petition for these so-called examples of misogynistic comments and actions.

In the first two paragraph he’s held responsible simply for speaking at the conference and because it was organised by Justice For Men and Boys. Despite him stating that he does not have to support everything the group stands for in order to speak with them he has “publicly demonstrated that, at the very least, you do not oppose its values.” This is bad because J4MB are anti-feminist and obviously that means anti-women and because guilt by association.

The petition continues by saying “In your speech, you expressed anti-feminist views by saying, “In this day and age the feminist zealots really do want women to have their cake and eat it”. This shows a hatred, or at least a misunderstanding, of the feminist movement and everything that it stands for.” Quote-mining seems to be a common theme here, it’s almost as if feminists can’t understand context nor explain away the statistics relevant to that quote. Oh well. If, however, you would like to see how feminists want women to have their cake and eat it, click here.

It also tries to highlight the sexism faced by women, again without addressing Davies’ points, by pointing out the “wealth of data and research that shows that women are paid less than men and are less likely to be promoted to a senior management role but far more likely to be sexually harassed or assaulted at work.” A wealth of data and research so great that they couldn’t attach nor reference it. Right then.

So what this petition does is completely ignore the point of Philip Davies’ talk and instead demand he lose his job because of some comments that have been taken without context and blown out of proportion. Good job feminism. The petition outright ignores the evidence proving Davies’ claims and instead works itself up in a state because Davies dared to criticise feminism. Yes, you will be told to lose your job if you criticise feminism.

This petition is still active yet a petition of a similar yet contrasting nature, this one asking he be promoted, has been disabled for containing inappropriate content. I am a little unsure what elements of the content (or perhaps the thing entirely) could be deemed as inappropriate? I have sent a message through their Contact Us page, I will update when (if) they respond. I also recommend my dear readers to do the same.

I have also taken the liberty of trying a little social experiment. I flagged the petition calling for his resignation on the grounds that it contains inappropriate content so perhaps maybe it too will be disabled. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t be, there wasn’t much difference between the two petitions save for chosen outcome.


philip davies mp petition.png

Fair is fair.


How the staff deemed the petition calling for Davies’ promotion as inappropriate content I don’t quite know. The screen I am presented with when I reach it simply says “This Petition has been disabled because of inappropriate content”. How incredibly vague. Perhaps, just like Facebook and Twitter, 38 Degrees likes to censor those who disagree with feminism and the feminist narrative. I can only guess.



  1. I had amended the petition within an hour of being told that it was suspended. 38 Degrees did not give a reason but they did send a paragraph of potential violations, the only possible one was that I had overstepped the boundary when accurately describing J4MB as a political party instead of a “group”.

    I heard nothing for four days, despite sending follow-ups via both the website and email.

    They gave me a reason!

    Hi Douglas.

    38 Degrees does not wish to host your petition as the speech that Philip Davies MP gave was anti-feminist. The feminist movement is one which promotes equality

    We do not want petitions on our site that promote views that are anti-equality.

    If you wish to run this campaign we suggest that you look at platforms other than ours.

    Thank you.

    If anyone cares enough about details of the story, I have written it up on my blog:


    I would prefer people to pay attention to the fact that the campaign isn’t dead!

    I have been careful in selecting another site to host a similar petition. hosted the popular and highly controversial call (now closed) to define feminism as a terror group, so there is no reason to think they will censor my petition. After a false start with a censoring organisation this new petition will be heavily promoted and I ask that everyone
    ▸ who cares for men and boys,
    ▸ who cares about families – men, women and children,
    ▸ who cares about the principle that if we are to have ‘equality’ then it must be applied equally, and (now)
    ▸ anyone who stands against censoring a poll based on negative ideology
    goes to
    and signs it. Spread the word, please. Spread it far and wide and often.


    • Hi Douglas,

      Good to hear from you. That email they sent you about Davies’ speech being anti-feminist is the same copypasta crap they sent me. Many have taken up against 38 Degrees for this, a friend and I are in slow email conversations trying to find out what was so anti-feminist about his speech. Always best to get it from the horse’s mouth. I’m cataloguing their responses and will upload it in article form as soon as the convo is done. I’ll also be sending it to Davies for his amusement. Drop me an email at



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  2. Hi again, Jordan,

    I thought you and your readers might like a preview of the next approach the campaign to show approval for Philip Davies is taking.

    Since Pnilip Davies, in both his speech last July and in Parliament in 2012, is simply putting the case forward for equality under the law, we thought we would invite feminists to sign!

    Full details are here:

    Best wishes, everyone. Don’t forget: those of us who want genuine equality and not feminism are in the majority, so tell all your friends about the petition.


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