Vile Feminist Hypocrisy Out For All To See

The timing could not have been better, the juxtaposition perfect, the stark hypocrisy and double standards are out for all to see.

Fat Feminists have been out in droves eating cake to show how much they love deriding men and to also prove how men aren’t actually being treated more harshly (and in turn, women more leniently) in the justice system. They’ve been outraged by Philip Davies MP’s comments at the International Conference on Men’s Issueseven Comrade Corbyn of the Labia Party has weighed in on it. How very dare a male talk about these issues like this!?

Yet, rather inconveniently, a rather startling story broke at the same time. This is a very troubling story that I feel needs some discussing.

Michael Mihalyfi was returning belongings to an ex-girlfriend when she set upon him with a knife, she slashed up his hand and left a 10cm laceration that required two operations to fix. He has been left with permanent damage and diminished use of his hand. His attacker? She was given an 18 month prison sentence, suspended for two years for unlawful wounding, as well as nine months for possession of a bladed article and one month for criminal damage, both to run concurrently. She was told to pay a victim surcharge of £100 and complete a 60-day rehabilitation action requirement.

So, whilst the feminists are gloating about how easy their life is and how us men are wrong for calling them out on it (whilst acting as if there is nothing wrong with the system) a young man has been irreparably damaged and his attacker has been treated leniently by virtue of her sex. Tell me, if I were to cut up an ex with a knife, do you think I would be treated with the same kindness and consideration?

A man in Leicester slashed his ex-girlfriends new lover with a pair of scissors and got five years. Note: these five years were not suspended.

A man was sentenced for a decade for slashing his girlfriend’s neck and stabbing her shoulder.

A man’s sentence was reduced from 28 months to 22 months, he was sentenced for threatening to slash her chest because he had paid for her breast implants. Note: no physical harm was caused, he just threatened it. Also, the sentencing was not entirely because of the threats but because in making the threats he was breaching his restraining order.

Readers be aware, I am not excusing their behaviour. But what I am doing is exasperating at how a woman can slash her ex-boyfriend’s hand open, causing him irreparable damage in the process, and avoid jail. This is all the while men are being sentenced more harshly for similar or lessor crimes.

What I ask is, not to reduce the male sentences, but increase the female sentences. To quote what Baroness Hale DBE said in R (European Roma Rights Centre) v Immigration Officer, Prague Airport 2004:

The individual should not be assumed to hold the characteristics which the supplier associates with the group, whether or not most members of the group do indeed have such characteristics, a process sometimes referred to as stereotyping. Even if, for example, most women are less strong than most men, it must not be assumed that the individual woman who has applied for the job does not have the strength to do it… If strength is a qualification, all applicants should be required to demonstrate that they qualify.”

Swap out job application for crimes committed and this quote fits. You do the crime, you do the time. Yet for women this is not the case. It’s almost as if feminists, and the politically correct males who pander to them, only want equality when it suits them. Sorry feminists, but you can’t have your cake and eat it.

But let’s take another look at female-on-male violence.

A jealous girlfriend slashed her boyfriend’s FACE from mouth to ear and received only two and a half years. The boyfriend even defended her in court and blamed himself for kissing another woman.

Girl, 17, stabs boyfriend with an eight inch kitchen knife and receives a mere 18 months. Twelve days before the offence she had been given a supervision and curfew order for affray.

Woman stabs ex-boyfriend’s new partner and “narrowly” avoids jail. She was given a nine-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, with supervision and 120 hours of unpaid work as well as a curfew between 9pm and 7am for the next three months.

I had to use Bing to find links to female-on-male crime, maybe Google is influenced not just to tout pro-Hilary garbage but pro-feminist clap-trap as well.

Why are women being let-off for violent crimes yet men are being heavily punished? Why not heavily punish them both? That is a question, not for the Marxists (nor for the feminists), but for the general folk. Do you think it’s fair that one class of person is treated differently by the legal system than another? If you still don’t believe me, here’s two more links to the prison disparity problem (here and here).

I am appalled that at the same time a man has lost function in his hand because of a violent ex-girlfriend we are met with snooty, pretentious Suburbagettes posting on social media about how women are not treated more leniently in the system.

These people have no shame, they have no empathy, they care not that men are subject to this unfairness because to them only women matter. We have been taught the plights and suffering of men pale in comparison to the plights and suffering of women. Simply put: you are a man, you are a utility, you are disposable. Expendable.

Imagine how little feminists would be able to get away with if the politically correct men protecting them suddenly stopped. I dare say they wouldn’t last very long.

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