Mission: Get Dee Outta There

A fundraiser has been started to help get @Dee_Misfit out of the Arabian gulf and over here to the UK.


From the fundraiser page:


Hi, I’m Jenn and an Ex-Muslim who loves Dee very much. I started this in hopes of getting Dee to safety as soon as we can. David Sherratt aka Spino will be holding funds for Dee until she gets a bank account if you have any questions you can contact me, @rockabyerose, @spinosauruskin or @dee_misfit on twitter. Dee lives in the Arabian gulf and is an Ex-Muslim Atheist. Being an Atheist in her country is punishable by death. She is living with fundamentalist parents who would not hesitate to turn her over or perform an honor killing themselves if her atheism was discovered. She needs to get to safety and my goal is to get her there as soon as possible. Please help us help Dee.


Please donate at: https://www.youcaring.com/david-sherratt-615967


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