The Recent Hilarity of Brexit

Comedy comes from conflict, from hatred. If only Warren Mitchell was still alive to see it, he may have found Brexit to be hilarious, I know I do.

If you have spent any time on social media or outside, or even watched the news lately, you may have noticed that Britain has voted to leave the European Union. This has rustled some jimmies, actually, this has rustled plenty of jimmies and as a cynic I have loved every moment of it.

Be it the Ideological Left who have a stupendous case of Post-Traumatic Referendum Disorder, which has caused them to jump over backwards in glee at the prospect of a second referendum (because the first one was Incorrect, duh!!!) despite it being investigated for fraud and goodness knows how many votes being added by pranksters from 4chan. Unfortunately for the Remain camp, or for anyone who signed the petition and for whatever reason they did so, the petition has no legal authority.

Or these cry-babies who want to smash stuff up because they feel like physically reacting to this emotional trauma, yet brazenly deny it is childish behaviour – honestly, do these people have no understanding of the hilarity of the words they utter?

Or Scotland, namely Nicola Sturgeon, who wants to block Britain’s exit from the EU (but can’t) because Scotland overwhelming voted in (and who is now palling up with London’s Sadiq Khan in hopes of separating from the UK). Funny isn’t it how we, the Vote Leave camp, was referred to as “Little Englanders” yet here they are acting like Little Scotlanders and Little Londoners? I also am unsure if Nicola Sturgeon grasps the irony in wanting to leave British rule through an Independence Referendum only to subject the Scottish to the rule of the anti-democratic European Union. This is one of the weirdest cases of Stockholm syndrome I’ve ever seen.

There’s also young people and by Jove have they been out in hordes!

To clarify, they have been out in hordes but only in the one place they know: Social Media. They were not out in hordes where it mattered, you know, at the polling stations. Sure, 75% of young people who voted had voted to remain (shudder) but if only 36% of young people bothered turning up how can they whinge it didn’t go their way!?!?!?

This for me as a young person provides both fun and pain because I have to deal with many of these people. The hilarious schadenfreude in hearing them whine about having their future stolen by the older generation yet the utter banality in their arguments, i.e. “Old dudes deciding the future of young people is so FUN” and other such garbage, leaves me in a quantum super-state of simultaneously laughing at them yet weeping because I am identified as one of them. Owning the “young person” identity comes with too much baggage, thank you very much.


Damn, we young people really have a lid on things.


No matter which of the incidents of conflict you inspect, you have to admit, they are stupidly hilarious. Or hilariously stupid. This referendum has made politicians out of regular folk, which is to be celebrated until you realise many people, when they go to stand on their little soapbox, actually don’t have very much to say except regurgitated drivel they’re parroting from the mainstream media. Oops. I guess the lacking of any genuine and worthwhile Politics and International Relations education in schools has had an effect on the political awareness of the electorate. I suppose we should give points for effort?


Brendan O'Neill Ordinary Folk Politicians

The problem isn’t “ordinary people”, it’s ignorant people.


But there is one thing about the preaching of the Ideological Left that they practice and that is tolerance. They have been pushing the message of tolerance and unity for as long as I can remember and my Facebook friends list stands testament to that. I always seem to struggle to breach far past the fabled 900 Facebook Friends, every time I hit above 900 something disastrous seems to happen and it happened in full swing again this time. I got to around 898 when Britain announced the results of the vote, yippee, I thought, time to celebrate with my ultra-progressive, super-tolerant friends!


This was not the case. I’m now down to 881 and I suspect it will fall some more. Sure, it’s not much, but we got to be grateful for the little things. Although I do find it funny how with each post I can watch the numbers drop off one-by-one. I haven’t even had much debate. Genuinely, I’ve not been met with substantial criticism or argument. There have been debates on my posts but that’s only when comment threads developed arcs of their own amongst friends of mine who were debating.

I’ve personally had no messages criticising me (yet several applauding me), only the silent knife of a Facebook friend delete. Young people, let me give you a PSA (I’ve seen they’re popular on Tumblr, so let me try one here): if you want to be taken seriously on a political platform you’ve got to handle yourselves correctly. Don’t run away to the mountains any time someone disagrees with you, don’t throw your toys out of your pram whenever things don’t go your way and especially don’t act like spoilt brats if an idea doesn’t fit your narrative!


facebook convo about petition for second referendum

Ah, yes, exactly what we want to see!


The sheer anti-democracy at play is frightening, the untoward authoritarianism against those who disagree is a cancer that needs blasting. The “with us or against us” mentality has developed and mutated into its next form: be with us or be without. The bold willingness to accept this view and the outright blindness to its inherent totalitarianism speaks volumes of the Ideological Left’s mission to unite and rule under the hammer of its politics, irrespective of the damage caused to those who are horsed out. This unifying is not done through the will of the people but through force of control.


young people tweets kill farage

Why preach tolerance when you can incite violence!?


I wonder, no, I fear, how soon will it be until they have decided enough is enough? That words and screaming aren’t as sufficient a means for them?

Maybe I should stop here, this article was supposed to be light-hearted and fun, not morose and depressing.

Keep laughing folks, I know I will.

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