Announcing Network for Men

A new website for like-minded men who wish to meet up.

I have created a new page for Network for Men, found here, so I won’t spend too much writing about it.

I will say, however, that what Network for Men has to offer is of great use to any man in the UK who feels something is amiss.

Any man who questions the current narrative about men and gender relations, who reads sites such as this and other sites that discuss men’s issues.

This new Network will allow you to meet men, very much similar to yourself, to be able to come together and socialise, maybe even engage in some activism.

Each group will be autonomous and independent of the Network, self-organising. Simply put, they will be groups of men being men.

The Network is not affiliated with The Screen nor do I run it but I do greatly recommend signing up, I have signed up and I recommend that those who read this site -or any other similar site- to also sign up.

If this short announcement interests you, please do check them out by clicking anywhere on this sentence.

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