Match The Oppression recently released some very oppressive and sexist adverts in the vain hope of gaining new members. However most people did not see why the adverts really were oppressive.

These new adverts, seen ages ago in London around tube stations*, have drawn fire for their disgusting oppression. The first, and the one we care the most about, is that of the young girl. It is wholeheartedly wrong that she is being judged for her appearance -every woman is beautiful- but I must say: the anger is due. It is obviously misplaced, her freckles are not an imperfection, however her being white is an imperfection.

Original Advert

Whiteness must be purged

“If you don’t like your imperfections, someone else will”, sorry but no. Whiteness is not just an imperfection whiteness is a cancer. Whiteness caused slavery, whiteness causes cultural appropriation, whiteness is the reason we have inequality in the world. Whiteness is what created the capitalist hate-machine of a society we live in today. These adverts attempt to distract us from this fact by highlighting unnecessary and innocuous traits that cause no damage. The imperfection at play is not her freckles, definitely not her womanhood, but her whiteness.

This flagrant display of unwarranted self-entitlement epitomises white culture and white ignorance. The outright selling of their bodies as objects of sexual desire whilst back-handing race as a non-issue, masking it under peripheral pseudo-imperfections, betrays only a pretentious desire to pit themselves above the rest. To be believe, even for a second, that this abhorrent social faux pas can be explained away as a misguided attempt at tongue-in-cheek humour silences the real life oppression seen everyday by those who are trampled under white society.

As a society it is shameful that an issue as prominent as race is being swept under the rug and brazenly ignored. The sheer racism that exists in sexual relations damages ethnic minorities and promotes white genes. This advert is completely typical of the blind elitism of white society.

Little regard is given to the non-white members of our community who can’t even see their freckles. In the year 2016 we are still subtly mocking those whose feelings do not matter. No thought is given to the feelings of our oppressed non-white brothers, sisters and non-gender-binary siblings.

This appalling racism epitomises the cis-white-hetero-capitalist-patriarchy we live in. These obvious and sneering chains of oppression must be smashed, for the good of all people. Unless they’re white, because they don’t know oppression.



*Time is a social construct so it’s okay for me to release this article as late as I like.

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