video If you’re under 16 it’s good that you can’t vote in the EU referendum

You probably don’t know what you’re talking about.

One defining feature of current, modern young people’s views of politics, yes Gen X & Gen Y I’m looking at you, is that they would sooner blog about cats or shit-post about anime online than engage in any meaningful debate. So thus it’s rather quite pitiful to see pompous, pious, pricks posting their pusillanimous, piss-poor, perceptions of the world around them because frankly, they don’t know what they are talking about.

Maybe I’m being unfair singling out under 16 year olds, because young persons by and large seem to show little interest. Under 25 year olds have the lowest turnout for General Elections and haven’t touched the halfway mark for the past three GEs (43% last year, 44% in 2010, 45% in 2005). I could show some leniency and say that since 1964 high levels of party identification have been on the decline and low levels of party identification have been increasing, so political ignorance is what they’ve grown up with, but that is no excuse. It is the current year and we are the generation enlightened with mass media, multi-national, high speed communication and access to a near limitless resource of data and yet we’re still as thick as shit on a cold day.

Idiots on both sides of the spectrum post all kinds of intoxicating bollocks ranging from the “oh, you want to leave? You must be a right wing Nazi bigot like that, what’s his name (?), Nigel Farage!” to the “oh, you want to stay? You must love seeing our country get cucked by French and German dick you statist arse-wipe!” It’s all so trivial and pathetic.

Lefties are a fucking joke

But with an education system as it is, so in other words total fucking shite, young people know very little about politics. In British schools students from ages 11 to 16, as many readers will be aware of, do a one hour class a week of PSHCE: Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education (or some similar class). Despite the aims of this class to be to teach students “a sound knowledge and understanding of how the United Kingdom is governed, its political system and how citizens participate actively in its democratic systems of government”, how many genuinely do learn that? Speaking for myself, I learned more from personal research and curiosity than I did in a class of PSHCE. Seriously, if we were to go round British colleges and high schools, how many of the students would know what Article 50 is? The Lisbon Treaty?

I made an alt right robot.jpg

Hilarious, you called someone a “cuck”. Piss off.

Young people nowadays, with their vanity and their arrogance, are a joke. This is one of the biggest political decisions of the past half century and how much do they really know about it? The older generation, having lived through it, are more likely to know, but that’s not a guarantee. But the young with their “feelings” and their “safe spaces” and their “weeaboos” or whatever the fuck they say nowadays, bitch, please. They couldn’t tell the left from the right if Corbyn was “redistributing” their private property and Cameron was denying them healthcare.

That’s why I’m glad young people aren’t voting in the EU referendum and, dare I say it (?), I think many who will vote shouldn’t. Young people’s knowledge of politics is downtrodden to say the least. Unless if you are that young girl from Question Time, she’s one of the few exceptions. But how many 16 year olds are as clued on as her? Maybe I’m old and cynical, but I daresay very few are.

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