Banning Roosh V won’t fix the problem

This morning our televisions were infected yet again with a rabid feminist producing all manner of absurdities, ranging from “Roosh V is an MRA” to “being a feminist she considers herself a men’s rights activist” and my personal favourite: “I think we should have synchronised swimming in the Olympics for the guys”. Ridiculous garbage that is disagreeable does not make it ban-worthy, unless of course if it represents the wrong ideas.

“If we do not believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we do not believe in it at all” Noam Chomsky hit the nail on the head with that one, but people in this day and age appear to be forgetting the greatest liberty we have, the liberty to express ourselves. In this modern day PC culture of trigger warnings and safe spaces, we find ourselves being policed by a nanny state society that enforces the coddling of the sensitive. We do not live in a society where we have freedom to speak but instead freedom to speak correctly. The arbiter of truth and morality whom defines what is and isn’t correct appears to be whomever that scores highest on the oppression Olympics.

I detest Roosh V.

Maybe that’s a little harsh and a little untrue, but I can and will still say it. I find much what he says deplorable, his views off-putting and his teachings contemptuous. But because I do not support the doctrine of these thought-terrorists I will not use fear and intimidation tactics to silence him and those who agree with him. Alas we live in a world of cry-bullies and quantum super-state social justice, one moment they are crying because someone’s feelings got hurt and next they are threatening violence on someone else because they have disagreeable opinions.

This is why Roosh V cancelled his talks.

And what a moment it was to celebrate. Let us all collect around ourselves and give each other a pat on the back. “Huzzah!” You can shout in joy. “Yippee!” You can cry. “Wahoo!” You can hear the rumble of thousands of feet dancing in harmonious cacophony. But what a Pyrrhic victory, each and every assailant, abuser and hate-speaker you ban and intimidate is but another nail in your coffin, burying deep in the cold hard ground of authoritarianism your depleting liberties.

Your views are offensive and must be silenced.

In endorsing and promoting a culture of silence and control you are sowing the seeds of authoritarianism. Such disdain you hold for those who do not meet your ever-changing criteria of acceptability and sensitivity can and will be held against you and those who shoulder-rub you in the street. As we speak there are those discussing the silencing of your views, those who find your opinions hateful and worthy of banning and silencing. There are those who feel that silencing your voice is not enough, that a more permanent method of silencing is permissible. This was learned the hard way for some on the cold hard streets of Paris just last year.

Agree or die.

Roosh V is many things but one thing he is, rightly or wrongly, is an example of the war on thought and expression. His allegedly satirical article “How to stop rape” is the key argument against him speaking here in the UK and is what sparked the debate on Sky News this morning. An article that starts with the right premise, that men don’t need to be taught not to rape, that young women are putting themselves in dangerous situations drinking to excess and losing the ability to maintain themselves. He also raises the issue that young people who drunkenly hook-up can lead to the male being branded a rapist because the female had reached an arbitrary level of unacceptable drunkenness, that she loses autonomy and cannot consent to sex (yet if she drink-drives and kills someone she is rightly held accountable, why the double standard?).

The solution to this issue, which he recommends as making rape legal on privately owned property is as absurd as it is barbaric. Thankfully Roosh has no influence on the law. Yet, the argument he raises as justification is that it would cause young women to think twice about what they were consuming and who they were hanging out with. Not to appeal to emotion but would you want your daughter, sister, mother, etc to be out drinking themselves silly with unsavoury riff-raff? No, but alas many young women (and many men also) do this and that is the issue.

Legalising rape is ridiculous and abhorrent, so thus I am grateful Roosh V is not in charge of our legislation. But should we ban him for his views? Should we incite violence against him because we disagree with what he has to say? No. Ultimately all he did was question the law, he never made a call-to-arms to go out raping.

But that doesn’t make him any less of an idiot.



Photographer: Bartek Kucharczyk
Copyright: (c)

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