Why Is Our Education System Turning Against Men?

An ever-growing, record breaking number of womyn are going to university, they are performing better at every stage than ever before and so many more of them are finishing with higher grades. So what about those they’ve left behind? Yep – dare I say it – “what about teh menz”?

Forgive my impertinence, but men, what the hell is going on? Here you are facing a crisis and what are you doing about it? You’ve never let up in the face of adversity why are you doing it now? Look at your prior crises & how you behaved and then compare it to what’s happening today. Take, for example, the vote and how you had to fight for it (those who majored in Gender Studies or other related garbage degrees click away now else you might just learn something). Granted, it took a while to bring about universal “manhood” (suffrage) but you did it. Need I also mention the countless male souls that perished in the trenches of the two Great Wars? You also took us to the moon, invented the internet and modern medicine! Now, I’m not comparing the blight we are suffering today to what was faced in the past, that would be absurd and taking False Equivalence to another level. But what I am saying is that we are faced with an educational system that almost seems wired against us and what are we doing about it?

Let’s take a brief look at the statistics here. There were 58,000 more female applicants to university last year than there were male (and the gap keeps widening), women have a higher chance of getting a 2:1 or a 1st than men and are less likely to drop out, scholarships are thrown at women by the spade-full to try and meet gender quotas and male societies are being blocked on the grounds they are dangerous and non-inclusive (whilst allowing FemSoc to continue). It’s almost as if there is some form of passive culture war against us men. It appears as though we are now the underclass.

But this issue does not start at university and nor does it finish there either. Even from a young age our boys are being disadvantaged at school and the problem isn’t even just a local one, boys in the US are actively being graded down in favour of girls. We also are facing the issue that one in seven of US young boys are being drugged up on Ritalin as a treatment for ADHD, just for being boisterous – you know, just like all boys are. Outlets have been reporting on this phenomenon since 2001 in the UK and 2003 in the US and some claim that boys are being placed on Ritalin because they are being held up to feminine standards of behaviour.

The struggle continues even after university because recent research shows that women in STEM fields are being hired in preference over men of same qualifications at a rate of 2:1 and that women receive better opportunities post-hiring because they are so desperate to hire women (possibly to look good when placed under the scrutinising eye behind the magnifying glass of Identity Politics). They argue that the perception of women being disadvantaged in STEM is what restrains them, rather than actual boundaries or obstacles preventing their success (and we all know who it is saying that STEM is a man’s world).

So just exactly what is happening here? Why is there such a barrier against men? Why do we feel the need to withhold men from achieving their potential? Simple: Equality. Yep; “Equality”. This may come as a surprise but in our attempts to promote gender equality (or parity – depending on whom you talk to) we appear to have massively over-shot the mark. It is true that up until very recently men dominated education – they comprised the majority of university spaces, were the breadwinners and were the one out getting jobs – we are not denying that. But in our attempts to correct past mistakes we appear to be repeating them, the difference being we are affecting the opposite gender.

Don’t believe me? I didn’t expect you to. Take for example the wonderful little affair at Goldsmith’s University in London (yes, that one what banned Kate Smurthwaite for being the wrong type of feminist) regarding Bahar Mustafa and her somewhat aversion to white cis men. The same woman who also infamously tweeted “kill all white men” and yet controversially kept her job as Union Diversity Officer, ironically enough, whilst also claiming that she can’t be racist if she’s from an ethnic minority. Genuinely. I would find this situation a whole lot more laughable if it weren’t so tragic.

Let’s also cast our eyes to Brunel University (yes, that one what gives grants to MSc students if they are female) and the recent controversy regarding the discussion of FemSoc on YikYak. YikYak is essentially an anonymous form of Twitter that uses GeoLocation so you can view posts from people in your vicinity. Long story short many people at Brunel University were unhappy with FemSoc for a multitude of reasons (due to lack of representation in the article a more extensive collection of the YikYak posts can be found here). In an updated version of the article they contacted USB Women’s Officer Christina Franklin who claimed that she felt “even more pride for the Union for finally recognising the desperate need for a Women’s Officer” and that “this need could not be more illustrated in the recent abuse subjected towards the Feminist Society”. That’s right kids, criticism is abuse and proves the need for Feminism. Expect to see it on placards at a gender demonstration on a college campus near you!

In our attempts to promote gender equality (by promoting the needs of women) we have lifted women up to and beyond the status of men, now leaving men trawling in the dust behind. But seriously, how would any of this play if the boot were on the other foot? Can you imagine the outcry if men were calling to “kill all black women” or if women were excluded from societies supposedly designed to support gender equality? There would be national outrage. Good thing it’s only done to men I suppose, at least they don’t complain…

Yet you still hear all the time about the so-say gender imbalance of women in STEM or other such courses in University (and thusly their representation in the field). Why is it so hard for people to realize that people make different choices? Yes, you know where I am going with this: Men and Women as two different sexes make different choices to one another. The science exists. To argue that men and women make the exact same decisions and must behave the exact same way and there has to be exact gender parity in every literal aspect of life is not just wrong to the nth degree but also brain-dead stupid. This also stands for choices in education – whether your identity politics likes it or not.

Percentage of PhDs awarded in the US to women 2009

So why do we keep being pestered with petty arguments about how we need more women in STEM, more female CEO’s and more women in business and science? Evidently men and women make different choices, even at University, so stop blaming men for everything. And stop trying to ruin their education. You’ve given women their share of their cake – don’t give them diabetes.

Editor’s Note: If you feel you have been affected by what has been written here and wish to file a complaint, you can contact me here.

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